It’s actually about ethics in game journalism

The world of game criticism has been set ablaze by news that a now ex-editor of the IGN, the highest profile video game site, plagiarised a video review. Small Youtuber, Boomstick Gaming, released a video calmly showing side-by-side comparisons of his own review and that of IGN ex-editor Filip Miucin’s review of Dead Cells. The … Continue reading It’s actually about ethics in game journalism

The labour of games

ArenaNET, the creators of Guild Wars 2, recently fired two long-time employees for what the company claims amounts to "attacks on the community", due to an alleged failure "to uphold our standards of communicating with players". Jessica Price and Peter Fries, both industry veterans, with Fries being with the company for 12 years, were summarily … Continue reading The labour of games

Slaying nature

By Tauriq Moosa Monster Hunter: World (MHW) is a game about killing indigenous creatures and conquering foreign lands, to mine and harvest resources for personal gain and glory. Considering the history of my and other African countries is the history of colonialism, I would’ve recognised such attitudes even as a child. It’s easy to miss … Continue reading Slaying nature

Why Game Dads Matter

By Tauriq Moosa Male power fantasies have long focused on bulking up men, whether physically, or intellectually, and using their powers to defeat their enemies. Whether it’s a Stallone or a McClane, a Sherlock or a Dr House, portrayals of men in media has focused on providing them seeming immunity, due to some extraordinary quality … Continue reading Why Game Dads Matter

The Violent Banality of E3 & the Need for Better – @tauriqmoosa

I rejoiced at many of the announcement of upcoming games at E3 2017. Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus provides more opportunity to delve into the unbelievably brilliant world created by MachineGames; a new Assassin’s Creed, where you play a man of colour, in ancient Egypt looks like Ubisoft benefited from a year off the franchise. … Continue reading The Violent Banality of E3 & the Need for Better – @tauriqmoosa

Why I stopped Playing Mass Effect: Andromeda ~ @tauriqmoosa

Why I Stopped Playing Mass Effect: Andromeda by  Tauriq Moosa *spoilers for original Mass Effect trilogy, not Andromeda* Mass Effect is one of the most important fictional franchises for me. It originally tackled major themes of hopelessness against destructive forces infinitely powerful; it focused a great deal on the various meanings of love and friendship … Continue reading Why I stopped Playing Mass Effect: Andromeda ~ @tauriqmoosa