Hitman 3 Review: Brilliant but a little broken

Hitman 3 sees developer IOI bring their reboot of the assassin simulator puzzle game to a close. Or, to be technical, their World of Assassination trilogy. Players once again take control of the bald, monotone apex predator, Agent 47, as he travels around the world eliminating the One Percent – and that’s not me making … Continue reading Hitman 3 Review: Brilliant but a little broken

observer: System Redux review

OBSERVER: SYSTEM REDUX review Observer: System Redux is a remastered version of Bloober Team’s 2017 first-person horror, set in a dark, cyberpunk future Krakow. It’s a future where it’s strange to not have implants and the world is often reduced to digital analysis and numbers, rather than the actual material or world as it exists. … Continue reading observer: System Redux review