ICYMI – A Fresh Narrative in Gaming in the @nytimes

In case you missed this, our founder Tanya DePass, along with Shareef Jackson, Kahlief Adams and Cicero Holmes of Spawn On Me, and Dr. Kishonna Gray were interviewed for this piece in the NYT by Justin Porter Lincoln Clay’s path of revenge leads him across New Bordeaux, a fictional city based on New Orleans in … Continue reading ICYMI – A Fresh Narrative in Gaming in the @nytimes

February 11 @INeedDivGms Fundraising Stream!

Hello friends! We're doing another fundraising stream to support our work! We've even got some goodies to give away thanks to our friends at Xbox! We're going starting at 11am Central US time on our twitch channel [twitch.tv/ineeddivgames], games we'll be playing TBA with drawings for the following prizes: Xbox One Halo 5 Guardians controller … Continue reading February 11 @INeedDivGms Fundraising Stream!

.@INeedDivGms & @GaymerX have passes for #GaymerX4!

So, in addition to mod cypheroftyr working with GaymerX on diversity review, we’ve collaborated with them again to get twelve passes to give away. Each pass will cover general admission to the convention (a $80 USD value) or $80 off other tickets such as VIP, etc. So, here’s what you need to do: Write us … Continue reading .@INeedDivGms & @GaymerX have passes for #GaymerX4!