.@GXAustralia — The Goodbye Blowout Party!

Help us fund GX Australia and join us for a party celebrating both years, our amazing community, and the memories we've all shared. Just a few days left and nearly $5K to go! BACK THIS PROJECT About this project Hey hey! We are Liam Esler & Joshua Meadows, the co-founders and organisers of GX Australia … Continue reading .@GXAustralia — The Goodbye Blowout Party!

Help @GXAustralia happen in 2017!

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gxaustralia/gx-australia-2017-australias-most-inclusive-conven/widget/video.html There's just 7 Days left for the GX Australia Kickstarter to reach it's goal of $60,000 to make the convention happen in 2017!! BACK THIS PROJECT! About this project Want to spend an incredible weekend hanging out with the friendliest bunch of geeks you'll ever meet? Are you passionate about video games, or dreamed … Continue reading Help @GXAustralia happen in 2017!

2017 Suggestions wanted for @GXAustralia

Plans for GX Australia 2017 are starting to take shape, and you can help out! If you did not attend GXAustralia, and have some suggestions, they'd love to hear from you! We're starting to plan GX Australia 2017, and need your help! In order to make the next GX Australia the best it can possibly … Continue reading 2017 Suggestions wanted for @GXAustralia

Why do we need @GaymerX? by @davidgaider

Reposting with permission from David G. This is a good post on why conventions like GaymerX are needed. Why Do We Need GaymerX? I have the unique distinction of having been a guest at all four GaymerX events held to date: the first three in the U.S., and just last week in Sydney, Australia. It … Continue reading Why do we need @GaymerX? by @davidgaider

Bring GX to Australia! Back this on Kickstarter!

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gxaustralia/gx-australia-2016-australias-first-queer-geek-gami/widget/video.htmlGX Australia is the country's first convention for queer gamers, geeks, and all of their friends. Coming to Sydney in 2016! BACK THIS PROJECT - BRING GX TO SIDNEY!!! Heard of GX/GaymerX? This awesome convention has been taking place in the San Francisco area since 2012! It's great if you live in the United States … Continue reading Bring GX to Australia! Back this on Kickstarter!