Review: Little Miss Lonely

Developer: Club Cotton Games Platforms: Windows Release date: Out now! Website: I must admit, I wasn't terribly excited to play Little Miss Lonely. Indie side-scroller about childhood and stuff? With hand-drawn graphics? It just seemed a bit been there, done that, y'know? Some time later, as I was having many feelings and crying Real Tears of Actual … Continue reading Review: Little Miss Lonely

Review: Tyranny

Developer: Obsidian Platforms: PC Release date: November 10th 2016 Website: The North is solidly under the control of the Overlord, and now they turn their hungry gaze South to the Tiers. The Overlord’s armies are strong and the fractured Southern nations are unable to unite, even in the face of certain doom. This sounds … Continue reading Review: Tyranny

Mafia III tackles racism with brutal honesty and candor – Review by @LJay90

by Justin Jones for I Need Diverse Games The news cuts in, updating me on the latest in the trial of a white man who murdered two black men on his stoop. He claims self defense; he claims he was reacting to rampant reports of “black rage” against white people. He feared for his life. … Continue reading Mafia III tackles racism with brutal honesty and candor – Review by @LJay90

Fallout 4 Review – Caelyn Ellis

by: Caelyn Ellis for I Need Diverse Games November 18, 2015 It's easy to be disappointed by the outrageous heteronormativity of Fallout 4's first hour. The, admittedly excellent, character generation takes the form of a het couple taking turns in front of the bathroom mirror. The man is in the army, the woman a lawyer … Continue reading Fallout 4 Review – Caelyn Ellis