.@INeedDivGms GDC Scholarship applications for 2017 are now open!

We are happy to announce that our 2017 GDC Scholarship Applications are now open! Applications will be accepted October 1st - November 1st, 2016 I Need Diverse Games is excited to announce that in partnership with the Game Developers Conference we will be awarding 25 All Access passes to the 2017 Game Developers Conference, held … Continue reading .@INeedDivGms GDC Scholarship applications for 2017 are now open!

Z’Isle -A Cyclepunk Zombie RPG : Signal Boost

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/zisle/zisle-a-cyclepunk-zombie-rpg/widget/video.html A Tactical-RPG where turned-based combat and exploration rely on your team's chemistry as you fight the undead and reclaim your city! BACK THIS PROJECT About this project They blew the bridges out. And we ran out of bullets. Bikes. Raw material for surprisingly effective weapons. And they're everywhere. But so are these undead ghouls, … Continue reading Z’Isle -A Cyclepunk Zombie RPG : Signal Boost

Support Clique on Kickstarter!

"Clique" is a top-down action adventure game and also a first person adventure game. “Clique” is a dual story told through the perspectives of the young teenage girl and the avatar character within the game she is playing. Players will explore environments, solve puzzles, and defeat enemies to build trust with the world's unwelcoming characters. … Continue reading Support Clique on Kickstarter!