Love Games During the Pandemic

By Courtney Cole From 9 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday, our little one bedroom apartment in Seattle is converted into office space. My partner and I both do digital work - he’s a social media manager, and I’m a video editor. Some days, I hardly see him at all until dinner time despite … Continue reading Love Games During the Pandemic

Deaf Accessibility in Video Games

by Melanie Jayne Ashford Accessibility is a hot topic, and with all the technology involved, there’s nowhere better for accessibility than video games. Sadly, though, the world of video games lacks support for deaf and hard of hearing players.  The gaming industry provides the most consistent captioning that I have seen, but there are still … Continue reading Deaf Accessibility in Video Games

The importance of next-gen speed

The embargo on Xbox Series X previews have lifted, where professional (US?) reviewers got their hands on next-gen consoles. What has most excited me, even during the early stages, for both next-gen consoles was not the potential graphics but the speed with which games are loading. While naturally we want games to look beautiful, … Continue reading The importance of next-gen speed

Ori & Ableism by @Swirly313

Image Caption: Shriek (left) looms threateningly over Ku (right) as the two owls gaze at each other.  It is night time, with the moon being obscured by clouds, the sky eerie indigo.  Ku is standing dangerously close to the edge of a cliff. By Patricia Baxter Content Warnings: The following article examines and discusses various … Continue reading Ori & Ableism by @Swirly313

Debunking writing game criticism: My experience as a freelancer

Recently, a throwaway Tweet by an aggressive gamer with 3 followers indicated scorn for my only owning a PS4, when I am a game critic. I dealt with this issue at the height of being targeted by gamergate 6000 years ago – but I’ve seen recent related discussions from colleagues, in light of the upcoming … Continue reading Debunking writing game criticism: My experience as a freelancer

Roll20 is hiring!

Roll20 has a position open for those interested in the possibilities of virtual tabletop. They are looking for someone who can bring in a new perspective and new problem-solving to elevate their Marketplace. In their recent Black Lives Matter statement, they mention doing work to find and support more creators of colour in both short-term … Continue reading Roll20 is hiring!

We believe you

I Need Diverse Games stands with women. We support all victims of sexual assault and we acknowledge and appreciate the strength of those who have come forward to speak about their experiences. In light of recent allegations, Andrien Gbinigie has been removed as a Consultant to our Board of Directors and he will not be … Continue reading We believe you

The Pillars of Privilege

The world is on fire and that’s not OK. I’ve noticed a few people pen articles justifying why it’s OK to lose themselves in fiction, in games. This saddens me: The world is hard enough at the moment without people being made to feel guilty about their chosen coping mechanism. But let’s not lie to … Continue reading The Pillars of Privilege

A Plague Tale: Innocence’s resonance into today’s plague-filled world

“A hallmark of pandemic disease is its ability to destroy worlds, not just individuals”  - John Kelly, The Great Mortality. This is the message I took away from Asobo Studio’s A Plague Tale: Innocence. The plague has taken everything. A sea of isolation rages across the landscape, bringing with it a toxic silence. Bodies buried, … Continue reading A Plague Tale: Innocence’s resonance into today’s plague-filled world

On isolation: a non-gaming post

Cw: domestic abuse, end of the world discussion. I must apologise for the tone and topic of this. But, of course, things are not normal. Right now, I am struggling to focus on writing about media even though now, more than ever, I should be consuming it – being a non-medical person, with no skill to … Continue reading On isolation: a non-gaming post