You cheated the game

Content warning: Harassment, threats. I've been writing online for many years. My initial focus primarily centred on issues of ethics, since it was what I studied and taught at the time. It gave me an excuse to tackles issues I found interesting, while improving my writing ability. The themes I chose were considered "controversial" outside … Continue reading You cheated the game

Difficulty Isn’t Personality: From Software Games Can Be Better than This?

The conversation surrounding From Software’s “Soulsborne” genre is one of the strangest in gaming culture: Should it have an “easy” mode? Is it “too hard”? Are people suckered into thinking their games are good, when it might be a kind of self-delusion to justify spending hours on menial tasks to overcome unnecessarily powerful enemies? I … Continue reading Difficulty Isn’t Personality: From Software Games Can Be Better than This?

Harebrained Schemes is hiring!

Harebrained Schemes is looking for a Senior Character Technical Artist and a 3D Animator to join their team. They're committed to a diverse and inclusive development team, and would like to encourage women, minorities, and LGBTQ community members to apply. If creating game experiences for a diverse gaming community, one that includes people of all … Continue reading Harebrained Schemes is hiring!

Congratulations to our 2019 @Official_GDC Scholarship awardees!

Please congratulate our 2019 GDC Scholarship awardees! Everyone received a Conference + Summit Pass provided to us by Official GDC as part of the GDC Scholarship program.  Thanks again to our review committee: Tanya DePassJane NgAndrien GbinigieGlenn WhiteBianca Anderson Our Awardees: Ryan Rose AceaeBunny HanlonJordan Jones-BrewsterGabriela Kim PassosJayd MatyasAdri Mills Maude RoussinRenante SilvestreNakura StoutJessica SutichSherveen … Continue reading Congratulations to our 2019 @Official_GDC Scholarship awardees!

Far Cry: New Dawn – a Review The idea of the world ending, of everything beginning anew, is one of the most morbidly universal themes of our species. Cultures throughout history, across the world, have myths and stories telling of a time when the powers that be grew hateful of us lowly creatures and wiped the slate clean. In the case … Continue reading Far Cry: New Dawn – a Review