Why #INeedDiverseGames FAQ

Q: So what is this #INeedDiverseGames thing?

A: Well, it literally started when cypheroftyr was angry about video games at 0545 in the morning on 10/7/2014. It began with this tweet:

And it went wild, trending all over the place! So cypher was the right combination of witty, angry and timely on twitter.

Now, some people are calling it a movement, and hey if it gets us better games then great!

Q: So who is moderating this thing?

A: Currently it’s cypheroftyr

Q: Do you allow anonymous asks?

A: Yes, however all asks are moderated. If someone is trolling the ask will be deleted and the person ignored. Also, if you want your question answered privately, let us know.

Q: So, just to be sure, there is no link between this and GamerGate? (henceforth referred only as GG)

A: NOPE, never was, never will be and we’re doing our best to keep them from coopting the tag for their own means.

Q: I want to write up a game, or submit thoughts on gaming and diversity! Where can I reach you?

A: Easiest thing is to write a submission and send it to us via the Submit feature. Otherwise, if you’ve already written something and want us to link it, you can submit links as well.

We can also be reached via email (indg@ineeddiversegames.org) / Facebook / Twitter 

Q: I sent you a message and you haven’t answered me!

A: Right now, there are just three people running this tumblr and we all have full time jobs and other responsibilities. Inquiries may not be answered right away, please be patient.

Q: I want to write about the hashtag, or diversity in gaming, etc, is it ok to contact you for information or an interview?

A: Yes, again please remember that responses may not be immediate so put something in the subject line about interview, write up, etc. The #INDG email address is the best way to get in touch.

Q: Why don’t you just make your own games?!

A: See this post and this post as to why we don’t just “make our own”. It’s not that simple.

Q: I’m white, straight and, cis. Should I even be talking about these things?

A: ABSOLUTELY! The more people talking about it the better. Also the sad, sad truth is sometimes poc/lgbtqia/other marginalized voices are overlooked for those in the majority saying the same things. So all voices are welcome, because more diversity is better for everyone.

Q: What can I do to support #INeedDiverseGames?

A: Signal boost the tumblr, follow us on twitter, submit posts, send us game titles to write up and look into. We have a Patreon now, and currently Mod Cypher is running a GoFundMe for tech upgrades to do more with #INeedDiverseGames.  Also, there’s the #INDG Spreadshirt store, a full write up on the store and how any profit will be used can be found here. 

Q: I have other questions not addressed in this FAQ?

A: Easy, drop us a line and we’ll do our best to answer you.

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