How did I miss Monument Valley?

A silent princess wanders a world where angles and geometry turn supine under player manipulation. She navigates a world whose architecture stems from a mind aligned to MC Escher, attempting to salvage an apparent dying world. The lonely landscapes stretch and bend, spines covered in the flesh of the impossible. Every stage is a puzzle, … Continue reading How did I miss Monument Valley?

Stop making me kill animals

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey is one of my favourite games but after slaughtering my 6,000th boar, I realised it was playing into an aspect of open world games I wish would end: killing animals. Ubisoft, in particular, is a great offender with its Far Cry franchise requiring characters to hunt down innocent creatures for their “pelts”, … Continue reading Stop making me kill animals

We need more cosmic horror in games

“As here­to­fore noted, consciousness may have as­sisted our species’ sur­vival in the hard times of prehistory, but as it became ever more intense it evolved the potential to ruin everything if not securely muzzled. This is the problem: We must either out­smart consciousness or be thrown into its vortex of doleful factuality and suffer, as … Continue reading We need more cosmic horror in games

Some E3 2019 thoughts

Here are my hot takes on unreleased games, judged on marketing videos, that caught my attention because I finished my law exams. So now you have to deal with my bad opinions. Watch Dogs Legion This is a sequel I did not expect. Oh, I expected a sequel to Watch Dogs 2, but I … Continue reading Some E3 2019 thoughts

Days Gone: Spoiler-Free Review Part 2

Read Part I here... After more time with Days Gone, my opinion has not shifted drastically though I am able to provide more context and criticism. The game remain enjoyable, with moment-to-moment play still feeling quite solid. Primarily, the most fun players will experience is the interaction between various systems with their own priorities: humans … Continue reading Days Gone: Spoiler-Free Review Part 2

You cheated the game

Content warning: Harassment, threats. I've been writing online for many years. My initial focus primarily centred on issues of ethics, since it was what I studied and taught at the time. It gave me an excuse to tackles issues I found interesting, while improving my writing ability. The themes I chose were considered "controversial" outside … Continue reading You cheated the game

Far Cry: New Dawn – a Review The idea of the world ending, of everything beginning anew, is one of the most morbidly universal themes of our species. Cultures throughout history, across the world, have myths and stories telling of a time when the powers that be grew hateful of us lowly creatures and wiped the slate clean. In the case … Continue reading Far Cry: New Dawn – a Review

Thoughts on Resident Evil 2 Remake

It was a many years ago when I first stepped into the shoes of Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield. But, if there's one thing 2018 and 2019 has taught us, it's that the past does not stay dead and will come shambling back in all its horrifying glory. Capcom's remake of Resident Evil 2 … Continue reading Thoughts on Resident Evil 2 Remake

Games of the Year: Red Dead Redemption 2

Due to my path to becoming Chief Justice of the Feminist Marxist Homeland (i.e. law school) so that I can ban videogames, I have not had the opportunity or funds to play All The Games. Therefore, instead of “best” games, I’m going to talk about the ones I’ve played. It’s a list. The internet, I … Continue reading Games of the Year: Red Dead Redemption 2