Help @INeedDivGms Stay in Business

I Need Diverse Games is in danger of having to shut down. Attending conferences isn't cheap and GDC cost us way more than even we expected. Attending PAX East isn't going to be as big of a drain but there's no way we can keep operating as is. A lot of people say they love … Continue reading Help @INeedDivGms Stay in Business

Review: Torment – Tides of Numenera

Developer: inXile entertainment Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4 and Xbox One (Windows version tested) Release date: February 28th 2017 Website: Since the Kickstarted RPG Renaissance began, we've had three (THREE!) Shadowruns, Pillars of Eternity, Divinity: Original Sin a new Wasteland, and Tyranny. Fans of clicking through dialogue and (quasi-)turn-based combat from an isometric perspective have been spoilt … Continue reading Review: Torment – Tides of Numenera

Not Your Plot Twist by @sammmtastic

My Monster is #NotYourPlotTwist: Examining the Exploitation of Stigma in Horror Games By s.b.r. This article contains discussion of many aspects of mental illness that some readers may find triggering. It also contains spoilers for The Park and Until Dawn. Obviously, I can’t speak for every mentally ill person out there, gamer or not. The … Continue reading Not Your Plot Twist by @sammmtastic

Thank you!

We raised $515 during today's stream! Thank you again to Xbox for providing prizes for our fund raising stream. Thanks to everyone who hosted us and followed! Congratulations to everyone who snagged a prize! BitRaptor who won the Halo 5 Guardians XB1 controller: TheGameCrypt who had some really good luck going and copped two prizes! … Continue reading Thank you!

Speaking Spanglish and Emotes

By Sylvia Artiga: Someone in the world is Roadhog, a jolly monster with a deep growling voice, and I am D.Va, a teenager driving a giant war machine, and we are making small talk. In Overwatch, before each match you’re dropped into a team and given a few moments to prep for the upcoming battle. … Continue reading Speaking Spanglish and Emotes

We’ve launched Game Devs Against #MuslimBan on teespring

Gaming is a global industry, and the immigration ban, better known as the #MuslimBan is affecting the industry. This ban means a lot of developers will have to skip the annual Game Developers Conference Feb 27-Mar 3, 2017. Others cannot leave the country out of fear of being refused re-entry despite having Permanent Residence (Green … Continue reading We’ve launched Game Devs Against #MuslimBan on teespring

February 11 @INeedDivGms Fundraising Stream!

Hello friends! We're doing another fundraising stream to support our work! We've even got some goodies to give away thanks to our friends at Xbox! We're going starting at 11am Central US time on our twitch channel [], games we'll be playing TBA with drawings for the following prizes: Xbox One Halo 5 Guardians controller … Continue reading February 11 @INeedDivGms Fundraising Stream!

I Am Not an NPC: Gaming While Autistic – Part 2

by Patricia C. Baxter, continued from this post published on Jan 12, 2017 The Good For me video games have been a source of empowerment for a number of reasons.  As stated above, games can be a medium where the things autistic people excel at, such as memorization and attention to detail, can be assets … Continue reading I Am Not an NPC: Gaming While Autistic – Part 2

Announcing our 2017 @Official_GDC Scholarship recipients!

We had a lot of applications this year and it was a lot of hard decisions but please congratulate our 2017 Scholarship Awardees. Thank you to Meggan Scavio and GDC for continuing the Scholarship program which gives 25 All Access Passes to the Game Developers Conference to organizations so they can assist with getting more … Continue reading Announcing our 2017 @Official_GDC Scholarship recipients!

I Am Not an NPC: Gaming While Autistic

By: Patricia C. Baxter As an autistic woman, video games hold significant importance to me as they provide a medium for entertainment, storytelling, and gameplay, as well as way to unwind from the stresses of “real life.”  Unfortunately video games, like most media, have very limited representations of people on the autistic spectrum.  The characters … Continue reading I Am Not an NPC: Gaming While Autistic