Love Games During the Pandemic

By Courtney Cole From 9 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday, our little one bedroom apartment in Seattle is converted into office space. My partner and I both do digital work - he’s a social media manager, and I’m a video editor. Some days, I hardly see him at all until dinner time despite … Continue reading Love Games During the Pandemic

Ori & Ableism by @Swirly313

Image Caption: Shriek (left) looms threateningly over Ku (right) as the two owls gaze at each other.  It is night time, with the moon being obscured by clouds, the sky eerie indigo.  Ku is standing dangerously close to the edge of a cliff. By Patricia Baxter Content Warnings: The following article examines and discusses various … Continue reading Ori & Ableism by @Swirly313

We believe you

I Need Diverse Games stands with women. We support all victims of sexual assault and we acknowledge and appreciate the strength of those who have come forward to speak about their experiences. In light of recent allegations, Andrien Gbinigie has been removed as a Consultant to our Board of Directors and he will not be … Continue reading We believe you

We need help to stay afloat

So, looking at our Patreon as our only means of funding, we're not gonna make it much into 2020 without a significant boost. Or we'll have to cut back on what we do, significantly. Simply put, things cost $, and bringing in $1500 a month ain't gonna cut it. Not if we want to still … Continue reading We need help to stay afloat

3 things I look for in pitches

Hello! I'm the person most likely to receive your pitches at our wonderful site. If you want to get something unique published with us, that's wonderful. However, I am a law student, a freelancer (like you!) and therefore need pitches to follow a certain route to make life better for us all! Here's are 3 … Continue reading 3 things I look for in pitches

Games of the Year: Red Dead Redemption 2

Due to my path to becoming Chief Justice of the Feminist Marxist Homeland (i.e. law school) so that I can ban videogames, I have not had the opportunity or funds to play All The Games. Therefore, instead of “best” games, I’m going to talk about the ones I’ve played. It’s a list. The internet, I … Continue reading Games of the Year: Red Dead Redemption 2

It’s time for the @INeedDivGms 2018 Winter Giving Campaign!

2018 Winter Giving Campaign We’re a 501(c)(3) and Patreon is currently our only funding source. We are operating on a string & a hope most months. It’s why we occasionally do fundraising streams, etc. It takes money to do anything as you know. We’ve helped small conferences, done what we can but we want to do more. … Continue reading It’s time for the @INeedDivGms 2018 Winter Giving Campaign!

Ways to support our Work

It's near the end of the year, our coffers not looking too flush and we could use some $$ help (as always, tbh). We're working on a fall/winter giving campaign that will launch after our attendance at TwitchCon at the end of the month. In the meantime, here's how you can support our work until … Continue reading Ways to support our Work

On criticism and reviews

When examining a piece of art, we’re examining a human-made object from all its corners: We remove it from the wall of the present, holding it up to the light of the past, casting its shadow into the future. Framed by the context of its circumstances, all creations manifest the particular biases, quirks and prejudices … Continue reading On criticism and reviews

It’s actually about ethics in game journalism

The world of game criticism has been set ablaze by news that a now ex-editor of the IGN, the highest profile video game site, plagiarised a video review. Small Youtuber, Boomstick Gaming, released a video calmly showing side-by-side comparisons of his own review and that of IGN ex-editor Filip Miucin’s review of Dead Cells. The … Continue reading It’s actually about ethics in game journalism