The Monolithic Problem with Mass Effect: Andromeda, Part 1 of 2

[This piece contains spoilers for Mass Effect: Andromeda. For folks unfamiliar with the Mass Effect Universe, at the bottom of the essay, I’ve included descriptions of the species mentioned in the main body and alternate image text.] The importance of the analysis of video games and other forms of electronic media may be eclipsed by […]

Finding Religion in the Mass Effect’s Companions – Elijah Beahm

Religion is something of a sensitive spot for the games industry. When it first got started, conservative groups swore it would poison their children’s minds with games like Doom with all its hellish imagery and Dungeons & Dragons with it “teaching magic”. The irony that D&D was originally designed by a Christian man was, sadly, … Continue reading Finding Religion in the Mass Effect’s Companions – Elijah Beahm

FPSs and dysphoria

by Niamh @foxmomniah First person shooters had never been a genre that particularly appealed to me. When I was an awkward little creature pretending to be a boy, I rationalized this dislike in a number of ways, but the dominant rationalization stemmed from the fact that I was the youngest of five sibling. My four … Continue reading FPSs and dysphoria

Join us for a live Global Accessibility Awarness Day chat with @ianhamilton_

May 18th is Global Accessibility Awareness Day! We're going to do a livestream/chat with Ian Hamilton who is a Accessibility specialist, helping studios avoid excluding gamers with disabilities. We'll be on the I Need Diverse Games Twitch Channel at 2pm London Time/ 8 am Central US time. Come by, ask questions and let's talk accessibility. … Continue reading Join us for a live Global Accessibility Awarness Day chat with @ianhamilton_

Why I stopped Playing Mass Effect: Andromeda ~ @tauriqmoosa

Why I Stopped Playing Mass Effect: Andromeda by  Tauriq Moosa *spoilers for original Mass Effect trilogy, not Andromeda* Mass Effect is one of the most important fictional franchises for me. It originally tackled major themes of hopelessness against destructive forces infinitely powerful; it focused a great deal on the various meanings of love and friendship … Continue reading Why I stopped Playing Mass Effect: Andromeda ~ @tauriqmoosa

Help @INeedDivGms Stay in Business

I Need Diverse Games is in danger of having to shut down. Attending conferences isn't cheap and GDC cost us way more than even we expected. Attending PAX East isn't going to be as big of a drain but there's no way we can keep operating as is. A lot of people say they love … Continue reading Help @INeedDivGms Stay in Business

Review: Torment – Tides of Numenera

Developer: inXile entertainment Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4 and Xbox One (Windows version tested) Release date: February 28th 2017 Website: Since the Kickstarted RPG Renaissance began, we've had three (THREE!) Shadowruns, Pillars of Eternity, Divinity: Original Sin a new Wasteland, and Tyranny. Fans of clicking through dialogue and (quasi-)turn-based combat from an isometric perspective have been spoilt … Continue reading Review: Torment – Tides of Numenera

Not Your Plot Twist by @sammmtastic

My Monster is #NotYourPlotTwist: Examining the Exploitation of Stigma in Horror Games By s.b.r. This article contains discussion of many aspects of mental illness that some readers may find triggering. It also contains spoilers for The Park and Until Dawn. Obviously, I can’t speak for every mentally ill person out there, gamer or not. The … Continue reading Not Your Plot Twist by @sammmtastic

Thank you!

We raised $515 during today's stream! Thank you again to Xbox for providing prizes for our fund raising stream. Thanks to everyone who hosted us and followed! Congratulations to everyone who snagged a prize! BitRaptor who won the Halo 5 Guardians XB1 controller: TheGameCrypt who had some really good luck going and copped two prizes! … Continue reading Thank you!

Speaking Spanglish and Emotes

By Sylvia Artiga: Someone in the world is Roadhog, a jolly monster with a deep growling voice, and I am D.Va, a teenager driving a giant war machine, and we are making small talk. In Overwatch, before each match you’re dropped into a team and given a few moments to prep for the upcoming battle. … Continue reading Speaking Spanglish and Emotes