Roll20 is hiring!

Roll20 has a position open for those interested in the possibilities of virtual tabletop. They are looking for someone who can bring in a new perspective and new problem-solving to elevate their Marketplace. In their recent Black Lives Matter statement, they mention doing work to find and support more creators of colour in both short-term … Continue reading Roll20 is hiring!

Harebrained Schemes is hiring!

Harebrained Schemes is looking for a Senior Character Technical Artist and a 3D Animator to join their team. They're committed to a diverse and inclusive development team, and would like to encourage women, minorities, and LGBTQ community members to apply. If creating game experiences for a diverse gaming community, one that includes people of all … Continue reading Harebrained Schemes is hiring!

Hey y’all @WeBeHarebrained Schemes is hiring!

Lead Engineer Engineering – Kirkland, Washington PROJECT LEAD ENGINEER Harebrained Schemes is looking to hire a Project Lead Engineer to help with continued development of HBS’s turn-based strategy games. This is a full time, on-site position at Harebrained Schemes’ offices in Kirkland, Washington. What You’ll Do Lead the tech direction for a new HBS project … Continue reading Hey y’all @WeBeHarebrained Schemes is hiring!

Job Announcement- @jackboxgames is hiring a Backend Engineer

Jackbox Games is best known for its rapidly expanding catalog of critically acclaimed party games including Quiplash, Drawful, Fibbage, The Jackbox Party Pack, The Jackbox Party Pack 2, and the recently released (and unsurprisingly named) The Jackbox Party Pack 3. As Jackbox Games moves into the last 83% of this century, we hope to build … Continue reading Job Announcement- @jackboxgames is hiring a Backend Engineer

.@Slvrstrng is hiring!

Silverstring is Hiring! We’re looking for a rad new person to join the Silverstring team, to help us provide valuable expertise to our clients, and deliver awesome, experimental projects for our fans. We've worked on amazing and award-winning projects, and want to continue to deliver exceptional artistic and narrative experiences. Silverstring is a queer and … Continue reading .@Slvrstrng is hiring!

.@MagpieOfficial is seeking freelancers for Fate Codex

"We’re looking for anybody who has a good idea, and in particular we’d love to get more women and minority writers and designers to contribute. We want contributors from all levels of experience, too. Being new to Fate doesn’t mean we won’t accept your pitch."So! Fate Codex is seeking writers (like you) to create awesome … Continue reading .@MagpieOfficial is seeking freelancers for Fate Codex

Job opening @webeharebrained – Test Manager

HBS Test Manager Do you spend your free time trying to figure out how to break the games you’re playing? Do you analyze and provide detailed assessment of the quality of those games to your friends? Do you love leading and coaching people so they achieve their potential? We may have a job for you! … Continue reading Job opening @webeharebrained – Test Manager

More jobs open at @WeBeHarebrained

Job Openings Harebrained Schemes currently has the following positions open. Please read the job descriptions carefully and follow the directions below to apply. Senior AI Engineer, BATTLETECH Engineer (Tools), BATTLETECH Community Organizer, HBS HBS is dedicated to diversity in our organization, including but not limited to: race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, culture, and … Continue reading More jobs open at @WeBeHarebrained

Read Only Memories is still looking for a VA!!

Read Only Memories is still seeking a Voice Actor for Ramona Rogers! Women of Color VA's strongly encouraged to apply. Email: by Friday, January 22! Things that help: VO Demo Reel and/or resume (Required) Audition of the character(s) that interest you using any or all lines provided (in .mp3, .m4a or .ogg format, download … Continue reading Read Only Memories is still looking for a VA!!

Job Posting – Community Manager, TERA Online

Community Manager, TERA Online Posted: Wednesday, 23 December 2015 The TERA Community Manager is a dynamic individual with a passion for gaming communities, both online and in-person. The ideal candidate will be well versed with eSports, PvP tournaments, and livestreaming, creating content for social media/forums/blogs, and moderating online interactions. We are looking for a sharp … Continue reading Job Posting – Community Manager, TERA Online