2018, it’s been…

It’s… uh, it’s been a hell of a year, huh? Whether it's about working conditions for developers or the rampant discrimination, there's been a bit more transparency around some of the pitfalls in the industry. Never mind everything outside of the gaming community. If nothing else, this has shown us, over and over, that there … Continue reading 2018, it’s been…

Dragon Raffle 12/6 – 12/9

This weekend only! Enter for a chance to give one of twelve little dragons a good home. Each dragon is approximately 7 inches long, 5 inches high and wide, made of felt, hand-sewn and stuffed. Every $5 increment will equal a single entry, and the more entries, the higher your chances! There are at least … Continue reading Dragon Raffle 12/6 – 12/9

It’s time for the @INeedDivGms 2018 Winter Giving Campaign!

2018 Winter Giving Campaign We’re a 501(c)(3) and Patreon is currently our only funding source. We are operating on a string & a hope most months. It’s why we occasionally do fundraising streams, etc. It takes money to do anything as you know. We’ve helped small conferences, done what we can but we want to do more. … Continue reading It’s time for the @INeedDivGms 2018 Winter Giving Campaign!

Ways to support our Work

It's near the end of the year, our coffers not looking too flush and we could use some $$ help (as always, tbh). We're working on a fall/winter giving campaign that will launch after our attendance at TwitchCon at the end of the month. In the meantime, here's how you can support our work until … Continue reading Ways to support our Work

Please support our work on this #GivingTuesday

I'd like to thank all of you for your support of I Need Diverse Games, our initiatives, convention appearances, intermittent Twitch streams and our work. It's #GivingTuesday, a day to help out programs, foundations, non-profits and others with donations.Here are some ways in which you can support our work: Patreon — It’s our only steady funding source … Continue reading Please support our work on this #GivingTuesday

Our Patreon is a little lonely, keep it company with a buck or three?

So now that we're a 501(c)(3), getting support via our Patreon or donations is more important than ever. It's literally how we're operating, keeping our blog up, our podcast going and how we can fund initiatives in the future. What we're able to do now: Keep Fresh out of Tokens on the air by paying … Continue reading Our Patreon is a little lonely, keep it company with a buck or three?

We Need More Diverse Games, How to Get there #GX3 panel

https://youtu.be/ogzkr5gn5Ew   Our #GX3 Panel is now up on GaymerX's YouTube channel! A panel promoting and discussing the #INeedDiverseGames movement, a push to include more diverse characters and storytelling in the games medium. Featuring Tanya DePass, DJ Kirkland, Katherine Cross, Rachel Keslensky, Arthur Chu, and Gil Almogi. Filmed at GaymerX3 in San Jose, CA.  

#INeedDiverseGames is moving towards becoming a non-profit

However there's a lot of steps you need to do before you can become a non-profit entity, then apply for tax free status; 501(c)3. We need a Board of Directors, and ideally founder Tanya would like the following positions filled before we move forward with filing. Copied and edited from a FB post: We are … Continue reading #INeedDiverseGames is moving towards becoming a non-profit

It’s convention season, do you have your #INeedDiverseGames tee?

So, convention season is upon us for 2016! You should totally get a #INeedDiverseGames teeshirt, hoodie or tank top for warmer climates! Spreadshirt is even helping out, with free standard shipping from Spreadshirt; starting 29 January through 3 February with coupon code 2LOVE! All sales go towards our work to better the gaming community. Also, … Continue reading It’s convention season, do you have your #INeedDiverseGames tee?

Dusting off our GoFundMe to help #INDG Grow

Hey y'all, Just dusting this off since we haven't even hit 50% of our goal, and with‪#‎INeedDiverseGames‬ now being my main gig, I'm even more dedicated to getting it up and running as a 5013C in 2016. So please boost if you don't mind? Thank you!   #INeedDiverseGames is almost a year old! We want … Continue reading Dusting off our GoFundMe to help #INDG Grow