We need help to stay afloat

So, looking at our Patreon as our only means of funding, we're not gonna make it much into 2020 without a significant boost. Or we'll have to cut back on what we do, significantly. Simply put, things cost $, and bringing in $1500 a month ain't gonna cut it. Not if we want to still … Continue reading We need help to stay afloat

April 27 & 28 2019: GaymerX East returns!

GaymerX has officially launched their IndieGoGo campaign for GaymerX East 2019! Head over there now to help gaming's oldest LGBTQ+ focused convention, for a discount on perks, and for more information about the con and the organization as a whole. You can also follow them on Twitter for updates, and see them in person at … Continue reading April 27 & 28 2019: GaymerX East returns!

2018, it’s been…

It’s… uh, it’s been a hell of a year, huh? Whether it's about working conditions for developers or the rampant discrimination, there's been a bit more transparency around some of the pitfalls in the industry. Never mind everything outside of the gaming community. If nothing else, this has shown us, over and over, that there … Continue reading 2018, it’s been…

Dragon Raffle 12/6 – 12/9

This weekend only! Enter for a chance to give one of twelve little dragons a good home. Each dragon is approximately 7 inches long, 5 inches high and wide, made of felt, hand-sewn and stuffed. Every $5 increment will equal a single entry, and the more entries, the higher your chances! There are at least … Continue reading Dragon Raffle 12/6 – 12/9

It’s time for the @INeedDivGms 2018 Winter Giving Campaign!

2018 Winter Giving Campaign We’re a 501(c)(3) and Patreon is currently our only funding source. We are operating on a string & a hope most months. It’s why we occasionally do fundraising streams, etc. It takes money to do anything as you know. We’ve helped small conferences, done what we can but we want to do more. … Continue reading It’s time for the @INeedDivGms 2018 Winter Giving Campaign!

#PlayForPR – Signal boost & request for help

GAMES INDUSTRY PEOPLE, Ashley need your help! She and some fellow Puerto Rican's are organizing a Twitch stream to raise urgently-needed relief funds for the crisis back home in Puerto Rico. Some big names are already involved (TBA!). Can you / your company help us with the stream / donations / raffle swag / promo … Continue reading #PlayForPR – Signal boost & request for help