We need help to stay afloat

So, looking at our Patreon as our only means of funding, we're not gonna make it much into 2020 without a significant boost. Or we'll have to cut back on what we do, significantly. Simply put, things cost $, and bringing in $1500 a month ain't gonna cut it. Not if we want to still … Continue reading We need help to stay afloat

Some E3 2019 thoughts

Here are my hot takes on unreleased games, judged on marketing videos, that caught my attention because I finished my law exams. So now you have to deal with my bad opinions. Watch Dogs Legion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eg7xVsiBelk This is a sequel I did not expect. Oh, I expected a sequel to Watch Dogs 2, but I … Continue reading Some E3 2019 thoughts