Ghostwire: Tokyo review

Tango Gameworks made what I consider to be the best recent survival horror game, The Evil Within 2. Its solid gameplay loop, medium-sized open-world design, engaging characters, creep villains and monster design haunted me for some time. Their latest game, Ghostwire, is the start of entirely new franchise, where the Japanese team has diverted themselves … Continue reading Ghostwire: Tokyo review

Life is Strange: True Colors review

The Life is Strange franchise is a curious piece of work. It specifically engages with fascinating concepts, often ones confronting difficult themes that largely affects marginalised communities. From racism to child abuse, trauma to immigration, it is a franchise unafraid to deal with these themes as part of the games’ plot.  Life is Strange games … Continue reading Life is Strange: True Colors review

Far Cry 6 Review

Ubisoft is a toxic as hell corporation because of its leadership, which these days is akin to saying Covid sucks. Corporations, which are designed to prioritize profits over people, foster environments of tyrannical control and the undermining of subordinates. Despite widespread calls and attention being drawn to Ubisoft, the process of reform seems slow. Some … Continue reading Far Cry 6 Review

Hades (PS5 review)

Hades was the critical darling when it came out on the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, not being an owner of that platform, I had no opportunity to experience it. It is now on PS5, with some minor and adorable features. Hades is a beautiful, top-down, roguelike action game that shuns the punishing parts of roguelike mechanics, … Continue reading Hades (PS5 review)

Watch Dogs: Legion – Bloodline DLC review

A peculiar element of Watch Dogs: Legion was it allowing for both a revolutionary mechanic – Play As Anyone – inserted into an otherwise standard open-world affair. While, yes, it is fun to be able to start a hacker army comprised entirely or partially of grannies, foreign spies, DJs and goth computer wizards, the unique … Continue reading Watch Dogs: Legion – Bloodline DLC review

Returnal Review: A gorgeous, incredible game you should not buy

Do not buy Returnal. This beautifully-crafted, bullet-hell, third-person sci-fi, action-horror adventure game from the masters at Housemarque is carefully crafted. You play Selene, a scout who crashes on a mysterious, hostile alien planet. Selene is seeking the source of a mysterious signal called “White Shadow”. The game begins where Selene’s ship has crashed and she … Continue reading Returnal Review: A gorgeous, incredible game you should not buy

Disco Elysium impressions: Weirdness as benefit

Studio ZA/UM’s (sic) award-winning game, Disco Elysium, is one of the strangest games I’ve ever encountered. I don’t just mean in terms of story but specifically in terms of both mechanics and categorisation. If you had to ask me what type of game Disco Elysium is I’d have to take a minute to answer. But … Continue reading Disco Elysium impressions: Weirdness as benefit

Hitman 3 Review: Brilliant but a little broken

Hitman 3 sees developer IOI bring their reboot of the assassin simulator puzzle game to a close. Or, to be technical, their World of Assassination trilogy. Players once again take control of the bald, monotone apex predator, Agent 47, as he travels around the world eliminating the One Percent – and that’s not me making … Continue reading Hitman 3 Review: Brilliant but a little broken

Watch Dogs: Legion – About everyone and no one

Watch Dogs: Legion is a strange game. It’s a third-person, open-world game without a central individual character, but rather a single conglomerate – hence the name “Legion”. You take on the roll of the hacker collective known as Ded-Sec, which has been long established since the first Watch Dogs game My plucky all-female Ded-Sec collective … Continue reading Watch Dogs: Legion – About everyone and no one

observer: System Redux review

OBSERVER: SYSTEM REDUX review Observer: System Redux is a remastered version of Bloober Team’s 2017 first-person horror, set in a dark, cyberpunk future Krakow. It’s a future where it’s strange to not have implants and the world is often reduced to digital analysis and numbers, rather than the actual material or world as it exists. … Continue reading observer: System Redux review