Panda Game Manufacturing is Hiring!

Do you love tabletop games? How about pandas? Panda Game Manufacturing is hiring four full-time, fully remote positions! An Asian-owned, tabletop game manufacturer, they work with first-time game designers as well as established industry titans to create products from small card games to deluxe board games. Their passion is to produce (and play) the best … Continue reading Panda Game Manufacturing is Hiring!

Ori & Ableism by @Swirly313

Image Caption: Shriek (left) looms threateningly over Ku (right) as the two owls gaze at each other.  It is night time, with the moon being obscured by clouds, the sky eerie indigo.  Ku is standing dangerously close to the edge of a cliff. By Patricia Baxter Content Warnings: The following article examines and discusses various … Continue reading Ori & Ableism by @Swirly313

Roll20 is hiring!

Roll20 has a position open for those interested in the possibilities of virtual tabletop. They are looking for someone who can bring in a new perspective and new problem-solving to elevate their Marketplace. In their recent Black Lives Matter statement, they mention doing work to find and support more creators of colour in both short-term … Continue reading Roll20 is hiring!

PAX East: Seeking Diversity Lounge Volunteers

It's that time of year again, time to sign up to hang out at PAX East for I Need Diverse Games! While we can't provide any transportation or other assistance, we can and will provide badges* to a few lucky folks that are able to help represent the organization and connect with the community. Please … Continue reading PAX East: Seeking Diversity Lounge Volunteers

No Longer Applications for the INDG GDC 2020 Scholarship

Our 2020 GDC Scholarship Applications are closed! In partnership with the Game Developers Conference, I Need Diverse Games is once again a part of their Scholarship program! This means we will be awarding 25 Core + Summit passes to the 2020 Game Developers Conference, held March 16 – March 20, 2020 at the Moscone Center in San … Continue reading No Longer Applications for the INDG GDC 2020 Scholarship

Harebrained Schemes is hiring!

Harebrained Schemes is looking for a Senior Character Technical Artist and a 3D Animator to join their team. They're committed to a diverse and inclusive development team, and would like to encourage women, minorities, and LGBTQ community members to apply. If creating game experiences for a diverse gaming community, one that includes people of all … Continue reading Harebrained Schemes is hiring!