We’ve launched Game Devs Against #MuslimBan on teespring

Just 8 hours left in our teespring. Money will go to orgs fighting the #MuslimBan

I Need Diverse Games


Gaming is a global industry, and the immigration ban, better known as the #MuslimBan is affecting the industry. This ban means a lot of developers will have to skip the annual Game Developers Conference Feb 27-Mar 3, 2017.

Others cannot leave the country out of fear of being refused re-entry despite having Permanent Residence (Green Card) or possibly being questioned with a US Passport and a “suspect” name or appearance.

GDC has already stood with those affected, even offering refunds to those who can no longer attend the conference. We could do no less to help. Funds raised will go to the ACLU and other organizations fighting this illegal & unethical immigration ban.

Buy a teeshirt, sticker, mug, hoodie or tank for the next ten days via Teespring

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February 11 @INeedDivGms Fundraising Stream!

Don’t forget, our fund raising stream is this weekend!

I Need Diverse Games

Hello friends! We’re doing another fundraising stream to support our work! We’ve even got some goodies to give away thanks to our friends at Xbox!


We’re going starting at 11am Central US time on our twitch channel [twitch.tv/ineeddivgames], games we’ll be playing TBA with drawings for the following prizes:

  • Xbox One Halo 5 Guardians controller
  • Xbox One Dusk Shadow Controller
  • Quantum Break Prima Guide
  • HyperX Gaming Headset
  • 2 Digital Codes for the Xbox Design Lab to make your own Custom controllers!

Giveaways will be tied to reaching our fund raising goals. So let’s say we hit $50 in donations, then we give away the first prize, then at $150 in donations we do the next giveaway, etc. Stream will go until we reach our goal of $1000 raised for the stream or get super tired.

Thanks again to our friends at Xbox for their generous donation to help…

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.@WeBeHareBrained seeking UI Artist for Battletech (Contract)

Harebrained Schemes seeks a versatile UI Artist, specializing in computer games, to create a complex set of menus and interactions for BATTLETECH. This work will be focused around the “management” part of the game. The ideal candidate is already familiar with comparable experiences, such as the base management elements of XCOM or the management elements … Continue reading .@WeBeHareBrained seeking UI Artist for Battletech (Contract)

Sunday Loot: Check Out the Latest #GameJobs!

Thanks for including our call for pitches! ❤


The Walking Dead

Happy Sunday, friends! We’re excited to bring you yet another round of our special series, one that will offer you a chance to get directly involved in the work that we do. Today, we’re sharing all the latest jobs that we came across in the games industry this past week, and we know that you’re a perfect fit for so many of them!

Some seriously big names cropped up — think Bioware, Naughty Dog, and Telltale — as well as a few other incredible opportunities that you might enjoy. All the details are below, so break out that cover letter and give your resume a last glance, because you’re so ready for this! The following teams are working hard to change the way we make and play games, and it’s only fitting that you help them do that.

As always, if you know of an inclusive gaming space or games project you’d love…

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Help @GXAustralia happen in 2017!

Hey! You lovely person reading our post. @GXAustralia is happening again next year, and the Kickstarter only has 3 days left with a bit left to go on reaching their funding goal.

Please back Australia’s most inclusive LGBTQIA gaming convention even if you can’t attend. Every bit will help this great event happen again.

If you can’t back, please, please boost!

Thank you!!

I Need Diverse Games


There’s just 7 Days left for the GX Australia Kickstarter to reach it’s goal of $60,000 to make the convention happen in 2017!!


About this project

Want to spend an incredible weekend hanging out with the friendliest bunch of geeks you’ll ever meet? Are you passionate about video games, or dreamed of making one yourself? Do you like to cosplay? Or are you an avid fan of card or board games?

Well listen up, because we’ve got some great news for you!

GX Australia 2017!
GX Australia 2017!


After our first hugely successful event in February, 2016, we’re super excited to be able to bring the convention to Sydney again for a second year. At the debut convention, nearly eight hundred attendees trekked out to the Australian Technology Park for two days of geekery and fun. For our second year, we’re making awesome…

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.@INeedDivGms GDC Scholarship applications for 2017 are now open!

Reminder! Our scholarship applications are open until November 1st

I Need Diverse Games


We are happy to announce that our 2017 GDC Scholarship Applications are now open!

Applications will be accepted

October 1st – November 1st, 2016

I Need Diverse Games is excited to announce that in partnership with the Game Developers Conferencewe will be awarding 25 All Access passes to the 2017 Game Developers Conference, held February 27-March 3, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California. The GDC attracts over 26,000 attendees, and is the primary forum where game developers of all disciplines gather to exchange ideas and shape the future of the industry.

This conference features over 400 lectures, panels, tutorials and round-table discussions. The all-access pass provides entry to all 5 days of the event, including the IGF Festival, the Game Developer Choice Awards, all GDC sponsored mixers and parties, the Game Career Seminar and more.

I Need Diverse Games is dedicated to increasing diversity both in game…

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Z’Isle -A Cyclepunk Zombie RPG : Signal Boost

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/zisle/zisle-a-cyclepunk-zombie-rpg/widget/video.html A Tactical-RPG where turned-based combat and exploration rely on your team's chemistry as you fight the undead and reclaim your city! BACK THIS PROJECT About this project They blew the bridges out. And we ran out of bullets. Bikes. Raw material for surprisingly effective weapons. And they're everywhere. But so are these undead ghouls, … Continue reading Z’Isle -A Cyclepunk Zombie RPG : Signal Boost

Blanket Fort Chats: Game Making With Philip Jones

Hey check out this interview with @Probearcub of @GaymerX @ROM2064 and Gaming in Color



Blanket Fort Chats” is a semi-regular column featuring women and nonbinary game makers talking about the craft of making games. In this week’s post, we feature Philip Jones, a nonbinary games professional best known as the editor of the queer cyberpunk adventure 2064: Read Only Memories and the expo hall director for the LGBTQIA+ games convention GaymerX.

Miss N: Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you got into making games?

Philip: I’ve known I wanted to be in games since I was very young; I’d been writing and podcasting for fan and news sites since I was twelve. I first launched my own podcast project at 16 and went on to have the subject of the game’s creative director on for three exclusive interviews. Kept a couple contacts and soon met Toni Rocca [GaymerX Convention President] online.

I was barely 18…

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Calvary’s Here! The Role of Hostility in Games Discourse



Remember that controversy aboutOverwatch’s Tracer? The multiplayer shooter’s poster girl with a terribly mangled British accent and a legendary posterior? While she didn’t break the internet like Kim Kardashian did, there was some uproar about how her original character pose — in which her face and bottom were sort of facing the same direction — was removed by Blizzard for being too sexy.

The reactions from those who supported or derided the decision were swift; the camp that agreed with Blizzard’s decision said that this pose was out of character for Tracer’s playful (rather than sexy) personality. On the other hand, others saw this move as an attempt by Blizzard to cater to a vocal minority, and were vehemently against the removal.

There’s even a Change.org petition titled “Overwatch’s Tracer — don’t touch the butt” in which supporters implore Blizzard not to mess with Tracer’s…

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