Finding Religion in the Mass Effect’s Companions – Elijah Beahm

Religion is something of a sensitive spot for the games industry. When it first got started, conservative groups swore it would poison their children’s minds with games like Doom with all its hellish imagery and Dungeons & Dragons with it “teaching magic”. The irony that D&D was originally designed by a Christian man was, sadly, … Continue reading Finding Religion in the Mass Effect’s Companions – Elijah Beahm

Review: Little Miss Lonely

Developer: Club Cotton Games Platforms: Windows Release date: Out now! Website: I must admit, I wasn't terribly excited to play Little Miss Lonely. Indie side-scroller about childhood and stuff? With hand-drawn graphics? It just seemed a bit been there, done that, y'know? Some time later, as I was having many feelings and crying Real Tears of Actual … Continue reading Review: Little Miss Lonely

Review: Torment – Tides of Numenera

Developer: inXile entertainment Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4 and Xbox One (Windows version tested) Release date: February 28th 2017 Website: Since the Kickstarted RPG Renaissance began, we've had three (THREE!) Shadowruns, Pillars of Eternity, Divinity: Original Sin a new Wasteland, and Tyranny. Fans of clicking through dialogue and (quasi-)turn-based combat from an isometric perspective have been spoilt … Continue reading Review: Torment – Tides of Numenera

Review: Tyranny

Developer: Obsidian Platforms: PC Release date: November 10th 2016 Website: The North is solidly under the control of the Overlord, and now they turn their hungry gaze South to the Tiers. The Overlord’s armies are strong and the fractured Southern nations are unable to unite, even in the face of certain doom. This sounds … Continue reading Review: Tyranny