Here’s how you can support I Need Diverse Games

Those helping to run things:

Our New Look: 

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Our new logo was designed by @captaintwaz (best way to reach out is via Twitter DM’s per their website)

Our previous look was created by:

  • sylvies-swamp, Creator of INDG logo in the Spreadshirt store and our banner on FB, tumblr and twitter

Ways to support I Need Diverse Games Initiatives:

Social Media:

  • Follow on twitter and @ us when you find diverse game info
  • Follow us on Facebook, send us links and articles relevant to diversity in gaming
  • If you make games, send us a note! We love hearing from you! We want to promote game makers that are widening the pool
  • Submit links and articles you see on gaming, diversity, gender and lgbtqia issues. We can’t do everything by ourselves. This is a group effort
  • Be a force for good in the world, seriously. Spread the word on kickstarters, indiegogo’s and other diverse projects

Be an INDG Ambassador when you go to conventions:

  • If you plan to attend geek/gaming centric cons, let us know so we can send you swag to distribute. We can’t go to every convention so we need folks to spread the word for us!
  • If you buy #INeedDiverseGames merchandise please wear it at cons & take photos that are spread around social media.
  • Talk about this at cons, go forth and panel on diversity in gaming, please!

3 thoughts on “How to support I Need Diverse Games

  1. Hello! I am contacting you from the Flower City Comic Con. We are a multi-genre comic/SFF convention in Rochester, NY. We recently learned about your organization from Con Or Bust and would love to learn how we could become involved with your organization. Hope to hear from you soon!


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