Here’s how you can support I Need Diverse Games

Those helping to run things:

Our New Look: 

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Our new logo was designed by @captaintwaz (best way to reach out is via Twitter DM’s per their website)

Our previous look was created by:

  • sylvies-swamp, Creator of INDG logo in the Spreadshirt store and our banner on FB, tumblr and twitter

Ways to support I Need Diverse Games Initiatives:

Social Media:

  • Follow on twitter and @ us when you find diverse game info
  • Follow us on Facebook, send us links and articles relevant to diversity in gaming
  • If you make games, send us a note! We love hearing from you! We want to promote game makers that are widening the pool
  • Submit links and articles you see on gaming, diversity, gender and lgbtqia issues. We can’t do everything by ourselves. This is a group effort
  • Be a force for good in the world, seriously. Spread the word on kickstarters, indiegogo’s and other diverse projects

Be an INDG Ambassador when you go to conventions:

  • If you plan to attend geek/gaming centric cons, let us know so we can send you swag to distribute. We can’t go to every convention so we need folks to spread the word for us!
  • If you buy #INeedDiverseGames merchandise please wear it at cons & take photos that are spread around social media.
  • Talk about this at cons, go forth and panel on diversity in gaming, please!

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