Forspoken Review

It’s hard to engage with Forspoken without considering what came before. And that was Final Fantasy 15: a large, beautiful, open world game, where the main character used aggressive magic to fight against a range of beasts, enemies and bosses. And that genetic code is felt here. With much of the same team and the … Continue reading Forspoken Review

The Witcher 3 Next-Gen Update review

Coming back to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt always feels like returning to a good friend’s home. Familiarity breeds safety, which is ironic in the gloomy, gritty, swamp-ridden world of Wild Hunt, where a walk through a forest could spell death written in the language of blade and blood. With the recently released next-gen update, … Continue reading The Witcher 3 Next-Gen Update review


The almost entirety of 2018’s God of War felt like a setup for a large, world-shattering plot. And, it’s safe to say, with Ragnarok, the devs at Santa Monica have successfully delivered on that payoff. It does not feel like a sequel so much as a logical continuation of the first game: What I mean … Continue reading GOD OF WAR: RAGNARÖK review


Returning to the world of The Last of Us is always an exercise in masochism. It is a playground of pain, a circus of self-inflicted damnation, a carnival of blood and horror. The first game introduced us to a lost world, showing us the lives of Ellie, the potential salvation of humanity, and Joel, humanity’s … Continue reading THE LAST OF US: PART 1 review

Ghostwire: Tokyo review

Tango Gameworks made what I consider to be the best recent survival horror game, The Evil Within 2. Its solid gameplay loop, medium-sized open-world design, engaging characters, creep villains and monster design haunted me for some time. Their latest game, Ghostwire, is the start of entirely new franchise, where the Japanese team has diverted themselves … Continue reading Ghostwire: Tokyo review

Life is Strange: True Colors review

The Life is Strange franchise is a curious piece of work. It specifically engages with fascinating concepts, often ones confronting difficult themes that largely affects marginalised communities. From racism to child abuse, trauma to immigration, it is a franchise unafraid to deal with these themes as part of the games’ plot.  Life is Strange games … Continue reading Life is Strange: True Colors review

Far Cry 6 Review

Ubisoft is a toxic as hell corporation because of its leadership, which these days is akin to saying Covid sucks. Corporations, which are designed to prioritize profits over people, foster environments of tyrannical control and the undermining of subordinates. Despite widespread calls and attention being drawn to Ubisoft, the process of reform seems slow. Some … Continue reading Far Cry 6 Review

Panda Game Manufacturing is Hiring!

Do you love tabletop games? How about pandas? Panda Game Manufacturing is hiring four full-time, fully remote positions! An Asian-owned, tabletop game manufacturer, they work with first-time game designers as well as established industry titans to create products from small card games to deluxe board games. Their passion is to produce (and play) the best … Continue reading Panda Game Manufacturing is Hiring!