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Dot’s Home, a new video game developed through the Rise-Home Stories Project, is premiering at IndieCade on October 22nd where it’s up for the 2021 Impact Award. Dot’s Home follows a young Black woman in today’s Detroit, living in her grandmother’s beloved home. When she is forced to decide whether to stay or sell the house, she travels through time to relive key moments in her family’s history where race, place, and home collide in difficult choices. Dot’s Home is a 2020 Unity for Humanity Grant awardee.

IndieCade 2021, the International Festival for Independent Games, recognizes games “that explore social, cultural, and/or political issues in a whole new way…taking us out of our comfort zones, and confronting us directly on social progress yet to be done.”

“Our goal is to use the game to spark robust and courageous conversations about this country’s fraught history with racialized housing and land policy, while also illuminating our role in creating a vision of a just and equitable future that can become reality,”

Luisa Dantas, project director of Rise-Home Stories Project

Dot’s Home inserts the player into scenarios where they have to make choices about how and where to live in the midst of redlining, urban renewal, and gentrification. In doing so, the game asks players to grapple with a fundamental question: “How did your family end up where they are today, and how much choice did they have in that journey?” 

The release of Dot’s Home comes at a time when America is reckoning with a racist legacy of inequality in housing and land that continues to impact communities of color, leaving them vulnerable to displacement and predatory real estate practices.

“For me, what’s most special about Dot’s Home is the collection of people who came together to make it,”

Evan Narcisse, narrative lead for Dot’s Home

Winner of the 2020 Unity for Humanity Grant, Dot’s Home was created by housing justice organizers of the Rise-Home Stories Project and an entirely independent and award-winning BIPOC team including developers Weathered Sweater (Boatventure, SK8R G8R) and Neil Jones (Never Yield), lead artist Sanford Greene (Bitter Root), lead game writer Evan Narcisse (Rise of the Black Panther, Marvel’s Spider-man: Miles Morales), and composer Pumashock. Dot’s Home was also featured at Game Developers of Color Expo 2021 & Gradient Convergence.

Wishlist Dot’s Home on Steam now and get ready for a video game where time travel, race, and real-estate collide.

Dot’s Home will be available on PC/Mac on October 22, and released on mobile in November 2021. 

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