Panda Game Manufacturing is Hiring!

Do you love tabletop games? How about pandas? Panda Game Manufacturing is hiring four full-time, fully remote positions! An Asian-owned, tabletop game manufacturer, they work with first-time game designers as well as established industry titans to create products from small card games to deluxe board games. Their passion is to produce (and play) the best … Continue reading Panda Game Manufacturing is Hiring!

Hades (PS5 review)

Hades was the critical darling when it came out on the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, not being an owner of that platform, I had no opportunity to experience it. It is now on PS5, with some minor and adorable features. Hades is a beautiful, top-down, roguelike action game that shuns the punishing parts of roguelike mechanics, … Continue reading Hades (PS5 review)