So, looking at our Patreon as our only means of funding, we’re not gonna make it much into 2020 without a significant boost. Or we’ll have to cut back on what we do, significantly. Simply put, things cost $, and bringing in $1500 a month ain’t gonna cut it.

Not if we want to still have a presence at various PAX events, pay people for articles, or keep the website up, our Zoom account for Reclaimers, etc. We’ve still got Simplecast on the books to not lose episodes of Fresh Out of Tokens either.

So, we’re asking… nay pleading for folks to support the work. Even if half our twitter followers pledged $1 a month, that would mean $5K coming in, and much better stability.

Or if you’ve got money burning a hole in your pocket to help a small, struggling org to stay in operation, drop us a monetary lifeline to (PayPal)

We set up a ko-fi as well, which routes through PayPal but that may go away as we’ve not really gotten much support there.

There’s our Twitch channel as well, where you can subscribe and any money that comes in will go to support our crew on @ReclaimersRPG or to get equipment upgrades for our streamers.

TL;DR, it’s the end of the year and we’re struggling to keep going. Accolades and saying you love what we do doesn’t keep the lights on and operations going. It’s resources, aka funding that does. Have other ideas? Drop us a note to