So this is new.

My name’s Tauriq and I’ll be a new contributing editor at I Need Diverse Games, where I’ll be editing others’ contributions and writing my own columns regularly. Some of you might know me from my big hits like All Polish Games Should Be Banned, Nazis Are Actually Bad and Maybe Pop Culture Shouldn’t Treat Creepers as Heroes.

I’m a brown man from South Africa, which is a unique, wonderful, strange, young, fragile, beautiful country. Our history dangles over us as both blade and blanket, making many of us fully aware about the reach of white supremacy and the warm of complacency. As a law student, too, I am very involved in trying to understand the mechanisms of justice and what enables injustice.

Video games have long been a space I’ve dived into, which told stories and enables ways of engaging with art I’d not experienced before. Today, it is my favourite medium.

When I’m not writing essays about evil deities creating nightmare universes, I’m usually finding ways to review games in a way that provides insight even when it’s a game I didn’t enjoy. I also believe strongly in criticising the things you love, because I want the things I love to be better. And progress doesn’t apply to that which we call perfect.

I hope we get lots of conversations started and I look forward to it. Have a story you want INDG to run? Let us know at