The labour of games

ArenaNET, the creators of Guild Wars 2, recently fired two long-time employees for what the company claims amounts to "attacks on the community", due to an alleged failure "to uphold our standards of communicating with players". Jessica Price and Peter Fries, both industry veterans, with Fries being with the company for 12 years, were summarily … Continue reading The labour of games

Greetings from a new tub

So this is new. My name's Tauriq and I'll be a new contributing editor at I Need Diverse Games, where I'll be editing others' contributions and writing my own columns regularly. Some of you might know me from my big hits like All Polish Games Should Be Banned, Nazis Are Actually Bad and Maybe Pop … Continue reading Greetings from a new tub

Persona 5: My Saving Grace in Trump’s America by @brichibitweets

by Brianna Lawrence, @brichibitweets The end of 2016 was not a good look for me. Neither was the beginning of 2017. It’s a bit of an understatement to say that I was rather... distraught... over who was elected into office. Trump’s America feels like an unaired episode of The Twilight Zone that never should’ve seen … Continue reading Persona 5: My Saving Grace in Trump’s America by @brichibitweets