The community has spoken! We’re going to do a limited run of pins for folks. The way this will work is:

Orders will stay open for two weeks, OR when until 200 pins are ordered, whichever comes first. We will use to fulfill orders, ship to our founder and then she will ship them out to you all. Note: this will not be a fast process, as the order needs to be placed, received and them pins shipped back out to you.

The pin will have our logo design, done by CaptainTwaz.

INDG logo – Black

We will include a S&H calculator link. Please add that amount to your total payment. Payments will be collected via PayPal and after the order period ends, we will order with

Place your order using this brief Google form. For international residents, the form will give you a ridiculously high amount like $60 USD. Please use $15-$25 USD as an estimate for shipping and add that to your total.

In case it is unclear, send payment via PayPal to

Pins will be our new logo without text with a nickle back, and black rubber backing. Size will be 1.5″ diameter. Questions or concerns can be sent to us at

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