Hello lovely friends and supporters of our work. We’ve had great feedback on our new logo done by CaptainTwaz! We’ve also had requests for things like enamel pins, hats and other things.

We’ve actually found a seller that can do enamel pins, hats, socks and other merch at reasonable prices. The sticky part? Getting them made, the expense and risk of not selling them if we order up front.

So what do you think about this idea:

We have a limited order period of two weeks, or orders for 200 pins whichever comes first. Orders would be limited to two pins max per person. Anyone ordering would pay for a pin, and shipping/handling. Fulfillment would take a little bit as they need to be shipped to our founder, then sent out via USPS.

The design would be:

INDG logo – Black

We’ll collect responses for a week and see what interest is in this process. If there’s interest, we’ll open orders in mid-May.