INDG new logo by Twaz

I Need Diverse Games became a Twitch Partner on April 3rd! That means we can have a stream team. Since the #DiversifyStreaming initiative was already a thing, we combined it into one thing, of a stream team where folks can be seen when they are live rather than just browsing a static list.

Thanks to Andrew Ferguson for coming up with this idea to help discover-ability and facilitating reaching out to folks about joining this team.

Fill out the short application embedded here,and we’ll get back to you in 3 – 5 business days. If the embed isn’t working for you, go here:

Team members will be shown on our team page when they are on:

So if you’re a streamer who isn’t the default scruffy white dude that we get to see plenty of, and want to promote yourself? Well you are in luck! Using the information collected here, we are going to profile/promote folks on the #DiversifyStreaming team linked above. This is a collaboration between I Need Diverse Games & Spawn on Me.