Please congratulate our 2018 GDC Scholarship awardees! Everyone received a Conference + Summit Pass provided to us by Official GDC as part of the GDC Scholarship program. 

Thanks again to our review committee:

  • Tanya DePass
  • Jane Ng
  • Andrien Gbinigie
  • Glenn White

Our Awardees:

  • Jens-Uwe Bahr
  • Josie Brechner
  • Cesar Castillo
  • Moustafa Chamli
  • Eleanor Chan
  • Brianne Christiansen
  • Tamara Corbett
  • Corinna Dettmer
  • Elaine Gomez
  • Sandra Honigman
  • Claire Hosking
  • Chris Kindred
  • Anthony King
  • Anthony Lipscomb
  • Chera Meredith
  • XaLaVier Nelson Jr.
  • Victoria Perez-Segovia
  • Kevin Powell
  • Marylou Robles
  • Giselle Rosman
  • Jessica Ross
  • Aubrey Scott
  • Kevin Snow
  • Jasmine Troche
  • Jakin Vela

Thank you Game Developers Conference for making this program available!

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