PAX Unplugged


We’ve got an opportunity to be part of the Diversity Lounge at PAX Unplugged. But the table has to have someone there during all open hours, 10am – 6pm. Seeing as how there’s one of mod @cypheroftyr, that means we need community help!

If you are planning on going to PAX Unplugged anyway, and/or could attend without much financial support and would like to help us table there, email us with the following information:

  • Name
  • Email address to contact you
  • Hours you could volunteer for us (total per day)
  • If you are definitely attending PAX Unplugged and can help us
  • If you are planning on it, but are unsure and when you will decide on attending

Those volunteering for us will receive an Exhibitors Badge in exchange for volunteering time. Unfortunately, that is all the compensation we can offer. We will need three volunteers from November 17th – 19th. 

Please contact us by October 23rd, and we will confirm with you once we have final details from our contact at PAX Unplugged for the diversity lounge needs.

Thank you!