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TD TwitchCon PromoI’ll be going to TwitchCon for the first time tomorrow and I’m on a panel Sunday. If you’re around or can watch, I’ll be moderating “Being Political On Twitch”3:30 pm Pacific US timezone in the GivePlz Theatre. Joining me are Adam Koebel (adamkoebel on Twitch/Skinnyghost on twitter), Jennasaisquoi (same on Twitch and Twitter), and Brian Petrocelli (Citizen on Twitch & th3citizen on Twitter).

This panel is concerned with addressing the importance of being political as a creator, as the representative of a business or organization, and as a streamer. The purpose of this talk is to help empower people by talking openly about the risks and gains of struggling in a landscape that demands conformity and the continued repression of identities.

We’ll talk about whether a Twitch channel constitutes a public or private space (and what that means on the Internet), why these discussions…

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We’ve got passes for @GaymerX East!

So, in addition to mod cypheroftyr working with GaymerX on diversity review, we’ve collaborated with them again to get ten passes to give away. Each pass will cover admission to the convention (a $45 USD value). So, here’s what you need to do: Write us at: with “GaymerX East Pass” in the subject line Tell us briefly why you need assistance … Continue reading We’ve got passes for @GaymerX East!

.@Bunmira Streams Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

Come by our Twitch channel, starting Tuesday October 10, 6pm Pacific/ 8pm Central/ 9pm Eastern for BunMira playing Death of the Outsider, and discussing this add-on to Dishonored 2. We're interested in it because while there is a black female lead, she was not written by a black woman. So we're wondering how that … Continue reading .@Bunmira Streams Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

Episode 16: The World Is Just A Bridge. Gaming and Dungeons & Dragons

This Filipino American Life Podcast

IMG_3419On this episode of This Filipino American Life the TFAL crew talks about video games and Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). We talk about who used video games as an escape, who did not really play as much as a kid, and who thought video games reinforced Eurocentric mythology.

While we start the conversation around video games, the conversation pivots to Dungeons and Dragons when we talk to our guests Earl Baylon (Elaine’s semi-cousin, Jonah Maiava from the Tomb Raider series, and Artistic Director of Room to Improv) and Edren Sumagaysay (writer, The Park’s Finest expediter, and Dungeon Master extraordinaire). Earl and Edren go into how they got into Dungeons and Dragons and explain to the TFAL crew how D&D works. We even begin to brainstorm a Filipino American D&D campaign!

IMG_3404What are your thoughts about gaming and D&D? What were/are your favorite video games? If you played D&D what…

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Volunteer Opportunity -Help us table at the Diversity Lounge at PAX Unplugged in November

  We’ve got an opportunity to be part of the Diversity Lounge at PAX Unplugged. But the table has to have someone there during all open hours, 10am – 6pm. Seeing as how there’s one of mod @cypheroftyr, that means we need community help! If you are planning on going to PAX Unplugged anyway, and/or … Continue reading Volunteer Opportunity -Help us table at the Diversity Lounge at PAX Unplugged in November

Signal Boosting – Politics & Mental Health Panels at TwitchCon

Overview: This campaign is aimed at helping the panelists on the "Mental Health and Tabletop Role-Playing Games" panel and the "Being Political on Twitch" panel afford the expenses of attending TwitchCon 2017 (Oct 20-22). Our panels are diverse and many of us need financial support to be able to attend. We're setting our goal high with … Continue reading Signal Boosting – Politics & Mental Health Panels at TwitchCon

Supporting our work and some real talk on money.

A note: We know times are tight and Puerto Rico needs help, as do others post disaster. We'll be here for a while, but their need is now & pressing. So save links & if you got spare coins today or later? That's great. If not we understand Reminder that we're on Patreon, this 1st day … Continue reading Supporting our work and some real talk on money.