ec9b40ab8055724de54aa64568b78e50Why Sponsor AlterConf?

 AlterConf attracts a unique community of people from every identity group and level of experience in the tech and gaming industries to help you reach an incredibly diverse audience you won’t see anywhere else. What does that mean for you? Gain access to cutting edge approaches and conversations around:
  • diverse recruiting and hiring
  • inclusive employment policies
  • unconscious biases
  • fostering a creative and healthy culture
  • building products and services for a wider audience
  • increasing social and cultural competency
  • unlearning harmful stereotypes
  • developing an empathetic vocabulary
  • understanding the current and historical disadvantages faced by marginalized people

Are you looking for a diverse pool of candidates for an open job position? With your sponsorship, you can advertise roles, meet potential candidates, and even interview them on the spot!

Sponsor AlterConf in Chicago! A few Bronze level sponsorships left!

Meanwhile, your sponsorship of AlterConf shows your company’s commitment to building a more inclusive industry, community, and company. Your public support strengthens your company’s relationship with marginalized communities, which positively influences their view of your product and employment with your company. Proudly sponsor items we’re leading the way in providing at tech and gaming conferences:

  • Free professional childcare
  • Scholarship tickets
  • Sign language interpreters
  • Live Captioning
  • Speaker honorariums
  • Freelance blogger, photographer, or sketchnoter
  • Accessibility improvements at venues
  • Inclusive, healthy meals and snacks
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • After party/social

 Attendees & Reach

 Attendance by Demographic
  • All genders, races and ethnicities, abilities
  • Wide range of economic classes
  • Ages 18-55, often with youth present

Attendance by Role

  • 80%+ have 2 years or more experience specifically in engineering/programming/development and design
  • 10% are founders, c-level execs, owners, management, recruiting and hiring staff
  • ≤5% are college students or younger
  • ≤5% writers, marketers, activists, and more

 About AlterConf

AlterConf was created in 2014, borne from the need of a space to push past simplifications around inclusivity and beyond 101-level discussions of diversity. The conferences are not-for-profit and held in cities worldwide. Each AlterConf brings together marginalized people to critically examine the culture within the tech and gaming industries, while building strength and resolve toward a more inclusive future.

AlterConf gifts speakers an honorarium and works primarily with vendors owned by marginalized individuals. This means your sponsorship supports not just AlterConf, but local marginalized communities and their work.

AlterConf has a code of conduct which all sponsors, speakers, volunteers, and attendees must follow.

AlterConf was created and is organized by Ashe Dryden, one of the foremost voices in diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. Her long-form articles on open source and ethics, diverse engineering teams, and more are widely read and referenced. Her work has been featured in publications like The New York Times, Scientific American, Wired, NPR, and more. Ashe is a 2015 White House LGBTQ Tech & Innovation Fellow, is a prolific conference speaker, and trusted expert on diversity in inclusion who’s been engaged for diversity consulting services with companies like Stripe, Heroku, Wikipedia, Asana, npm js, and Foursquare.

 Sponsor Catalog

 Invoices must be paid in full before we can process your sponsorship. We payments by credit card or wire/ACH, but will also accept checks.


Have an interesting idea for sponsorship not featured here? Reach out to us and we’ll collaborate to create something uniquely you!

TIER Platinum Gold Silver Bronze Indie/Solo
Cost $10,000 $5,000 $2,500 $1,000 $250

Canada $13,300 $6,650 $3,325 $1,330 $330
EU €8900 €4500 €2300 €900 €250
UK £8050 £4025 £2015 £815 £205
Australia A$13225 A$6615 A$3310 A$1325 A$330
Nigeria ₦635000 ₦317500 ₦158750 ₦63500 ₦15875
India ₹469171 ₹234585 ₹117295 ₹46920 ₹11730

All costs based on exchange rates from USD as well as cost of living on date of invoicing; prices listed here are estimates