.@VectorConf Sponsorship Announcement: I Need Diverse Games

We are super excited to announce returning event sponsor I Need Diverse Games! With their help, we’ll be offering a diversity scholarship for our 2-Day badges. We’re excited to sponsor diverse individuals in the community and to bring their voices to the conference.  Don’t Know I Need Diverse Games? You should.  Their info: We are … Continue reading .@VectorConf Sponsorship Announcement: I Need Diverse Games

Review: Little Miss Lonely

Developer: Club Cotton Games Platforms: Windows Release date: Out now! Website: https://clubcottongames.itch.io/little-miss-lonely I must admit, I wasn't terribly excited to play Little Miss Lonely. Indie side-scroller about childhood and stuff? With hand-drawn graphics? It just seemed a bit been there, done that, y'know? Some time later, as I was having many feelings and crying Real Tears of Actual … Continue reading Review: Little Miss Lonely