We’re pleased to announce that Caelyn Ellis is taking on the role of editor for articles on the site! What this means is pitches should go to caelyn@ineeddiversegames.org going forward. She will also help review games sent to us by devs, publishers, etc.

She’ll review pitches, work with contributors to get them publication ready and manage the posting schedule for contributed content from you! So get pitches in to us via @caelynellis! We’ve got a few for April already in the hopper, and are eager for more.

Especially wanted are articles that you won’t see on other sites, so if you have an idea, pitch it! The worse we can do is say no, or not at this time. Remember, as long as our Patreon stays at $750 or more a month, we’ll be able to pay contributors.  ($50 which is a token sum, but we want to give you something for your work)

Full article submission guidelines are here: https://ineeddiversegames.org/submit-an-article-to-us/

Here’s Caelyn on Caelyn:

Hey folks, Tanya wanted me to add a bit about myself here. So here goes. I write about games, comics and being trans and mentally ill and stuff. I also occasionally write games and comics. I don’t think I’ve written about writing about games and comics yet.

If you’ve read my reviews here, you’ll know that I’m a huge RPG nerd and I love getting all in-depth with game mechanics and how they relate to the player’s experience. As a former primary school teacher, I’m also deeply interested in how games and play relate to education and development.

I’m honoured that Tanya has given me this opportunity to assist with I Need Diverse Games. Her work is so valuable and I’m really excited to be able to contribute and back her up. I’m especially excited to receive your pitches, so please get them coming in.

I mentioned on Twitter that I’m terrible at writing bios, so my friend Eliza chipped in with “Caelyn is a super gay dragon lady with many opinions about video games and genre media with a focus on how diversity impacts user experience.”

That’s me!