We’re now a @anykey Affiliate organization!

We're very proud to announce that we're an affiliate of Any Key as of this year! AnyKey is an advocacy organization dedicated to supporting diverse participation in esports. We hope to foster welcoming spaces and positive opportunities for competitive players of all kinds. Our current research and initiatives are focused on women in esports — … Continue reading We’re now a @anykey Affiliate organization!

Job Announcement- @jackboxgames is hiring a Backend Engineer

Jackbox Games is best known for its rapidly expanding catalog of critically acclaimed party games including Quiplash, Drawful, Fibbage, The Jackbox Party Pack, The Jackbox Party Pack 2, and the recently released (and unsurprisingly named) The Jackbox Party Pack 3. As Jackbox Games moves into the last 83% of this century, we hope to build … Continue reading Job Announcement- @jackboxgames is hiring a Backend Engineer

February 11 @INeedDivGms Fundraising Stream!

Don’t forget, our fund raising stream is this weekend!

I Need Diverse Games

Hello friends! We’re doing another fundraising stream to support our work! We’ve even got some goodies to give away thanks to our friends at Xbox!


We’re going starting at 11am Central US time on our twitch channel [twitch.tv/ineeddivgames], games we’ll be playing TBA with drawings for the following prizes:

  • Xbox One Halo 5 Guardians controller
  • Xbox One Dusk Shadow Controller
  • Quantum Break Prima Guide
  • HyperX Gaming Headset
  • 2 Digital Codes for the Xbox Design Lab to make your own Custom controllers!

Giveaways will be tied to reaching our fund raising goals. So let’s say we hit $50 in donations, then we give away the first prize, then at $150 in donations we do the next giveaway, etc. Stream will go until we reach our goal of $1000 raised for the stream or get super tired.

Thanks again to our friends at Xbox for their generous donation to help…

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Volunteer Opportunity -Help us table at the Diversity Lounge at PAX East 3/10-3/12

  We've got an opportunity to be part of the Diversity Lounge at PAX East. But the table has to have someone there during open hours, 10am - 6pm. Seeing as how there's one of mod cypheroftyr, that means we need community help! If you are planning on going to PAX East anyway, and/or could … Continue reading Volunteer Opportunity -Help us table at the Diversity Lounge at PAX East 3/10-3/12

Speaking Spanglish and Emotes

By Sylvia Artiga: Someone in the world is Roadhog, a jolly monster with a deep growling voice, and I am D.Va, a teenager driving a giant war machine, and we are making small talk. In Overwatch, before each match you’re dropped into a team and given a few moments to prep for the upcoming battle. … Continue reading Speaking Spanglish and Emotes