Gaming is a global industry, and the immigration ban, better known as the #MuslimBan is affecting the industry. This ban means a lot of developers will have to skip the annual Game Developers Conference Feb 27-Mar 3, 2017.

Others cannot leave the country out of fear of being refused re-entry despite having Permanent Residence (Green Card) or possibly being questioned with a US Passport and a “suspect” name or appearance.

GDC has already stood with those affected, even offering refunds to those who can no longer attend the conference. We could do no less to help. Funds raised will go to the ACLU and other organizations fighting this illegal & unethical immigration ban.

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    I usually leave my politics elsewhere, but this touched me. GDC offering refunds to those who cannot attend the conference due to the Muslim ban. We have a vibrant and diverse community and it makes me sad that so many are being affected.


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