Harebrained Schemes seeks a versatile UI Artist, specializing in computer games, to create a complex set of menus and interactions for BATTLETECH. This work will be focused around the “management” part of the game. The ideal candidate is already familiar with comparable experiences, such as the base management elements of XCOM or the management elements of Stellaris, and is excited about the prospect of creating clean, concise, and polished UI for a similar experience. If this sounds like you, please review the job description below and get in touch!

This is a 4-6 month, 40 hrs / week contract position. Because of the highly-collaborative nature of the work involved, the ability to work on-site at Harebrained Schemes’ offices in Kirkland, Washington at least 20 hrs / week is required for consideration for this position.


  • The graphic design eye and software skills (Photoshop, Illustrator) to take good UX and turn it into polished, visually-pleasing vector UI based on the game’s established UI art direction.
  • Enough working knowledge of Unity (or comparable technical aptitude) to accurately position and organize the various elements of each UI layout and prefab within the Unity Editor.
  • An end-to-end production mindset – your job is done when the game experience is working and polished, not when your mockup has been handed off.
  • An attention to, and passion for, all the little details and special case considerations that can take a user experience from acceptable to great.
  • You love working with others – ‘cause you’ll be stuck working with us, and we’re a highly-collaborative bunch.


  • A deep understanding of UX fundamentals and best-practices, particularly as they apply to games (and PC games in particular!)
  • Experience using DoTween or equivalent for animation and transitions.

What You’ll Do

  • Collaborate with the Design Lead and Engineering to iterate on existing UI mockups for the management game, working within the UI / UX paradigm already established by our internal UI team.
  • Author all shipping-quality UI assets and icons for the management game.
  • Provide Engineering with a well-organized layout within Unity, using Unity’s suite of built-in UI layout tools.
  • Collaborate with Engineering and Design to iterate and polish the overall management game interface based on feedback and testing.
  • Collaborate with the Technical Art Director to ensure that the management game’s UI and Background Art elements align from a layout and interaction flow standpoint.

To apply, email jobs@hbs-studios.com and include a direct link to a portfolio site showcasing your best work. No PDFs or attachments please, unless it’s specifically to show unreleased work. Please also include a resume and, well, anything else relevant that you’d like us to know about you.

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