Hi y’all, let’s talk about representation, especially the ways we don’t serve the community well. We need to improve and need your feedback.

This isn’t a call out post on ourselves, but acknowledgement that we can do better. For example, we’re abysmal at covering the following:

  • Trans representation. We aren’t talking about it enough, or much at all really. We need to cover more trans folks in gaming & stories.
  • Non-Binary representation, again we don’t touch on it as much as we could. We need to do better. Lots of NB folks in gaming.
  • We don’t cover disability in games, with all of the great writing out there. We need to be better about it.
  • Neuro-divergence is barely talked about, and we should be doing that. It can’t rest just on those who are neuro-divergent to speak up
  • Mental health issues are also a topic we fail at discussing. It’s a prevalent issue in games but not a lot of talk here. That’s not good
  • Religious diversity is definitely a huge fail. It’s not usually considered as part of diversity, we can fix that.

So for 2017, we want to do more, do better.To serve the whole gaming community. Not select segments or groups.  We’re open to feedback, criticism, suggestions. Would you all prefer an open form? or to contact us via DM, email, etc?

We’ve also got a slack channel and Discord for larger conversations. Talk to us so we can improve. It’s everyone’s community. ❤

Ok maybe it was a call out post on ourselves but hey, we need to improve so help us to help you. We’re still small and it’s a lot for a tiny crew to handle but we’ve heard you and know we can improve.

3 thoughts on “We need to do better by you, our community

  1. Just in thinking about transgender representation in games, the only one that comes to mind is Krem of DAI. I honestly can’t think of anyone else, let alone non-binary representation.


    1. NB representation is hard. There’s Frisk from Undertale, but there’s nothing definitely saying that they identify as non-binary — but they do use they/them pronouns in the game. Also characters with they/them pronouns in Undertale is Monster Kid and Napstablook.

      There’s also Zer0 from Borderlands, who is often said to be nonbinary, but not really confirmed by canon or canon writers.

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