Since we hit our Patreon goal of $750 per month, we’d like to open up to submissions for article ideas. Right now we can pay $50 per article, so we’d like to take two per month as long as our Patreon remains at $750 a month or more.

So send us an email at with Article Pitch in the Subject

What we’d like to see:Thoughtful pieces on games, how they affect you, pieces that dissect and interrogate games and games culture on race, LGBTQIA issues, neurodivergence, disability and other topics we don’t get to see discussed often.

What we don’t want to see: boring reviews, things that give games a numerical score and blather on about mechanics in a non-interesting way. If the mechanics are interesting and contribute to what to the larger theme of the piece, that’s cool.

Remember, send a brief synopsis of the idea, links to other stuff you have written and include the best way to contact you. Do not send a whole article attached to the email.

If you wish to send something in for republication that has already been posted elsewhere, please let us know that in your email.

Thanks for helping us hit our goal! Next up is $1,250 a month!

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