Hello all!

We’re back from GaymerX 4 and full of ideas and ready to try them out. One thing we did was chat with the folks from Patreon, and got some tips on how we could do better on rewards, including updating them, making our reward tiers better and not making it look like a monthly shopping club.

We’ve updated our reward tiers to reflect what we do, and what our goals are with each reward tier. We’re going to move to an annual gift for patreon supporters beyond a certain level, and get more out of available tech for communicating with us.

We’ve added a Discord server integration, as well as joining Discord!  Our channel is here, and you can request an invite: https://discord.gg/ScqRqtY

Because we’ve integrated Discord with Patreon, you should get a role called Patreon_Supporters. If you support at a higher tier, then you’ll be added manually to our SilverCircle ($75 a month and up) and PlatinumCircle ($250 a month) channels in the server.

We’re going to be doing a lot more to improve our Patreon offerings, and what we can do to connect with the community. Please don’t be shy! Give us suggestions on what we can do to serve you.