Pocket Con is a free single day convention for Chicago youth brought to you by a partnership between the Chicago Public Library, Freewrite and LOKari Productions. It focuses on work by artists of color, particularly African American authors and artists, as well as comics with a primary character who is Black. Pocket Con also features work in the comic genre by other underrepresented groups, such as women, Latinos, LGBTQs, and other minorities. We have a strong belief in Indie comics and publishing, and welcome small press and self published authors as well as those involved in related forms of expression and interest, such as webcomics, animation, small-budget film-making, video game design, and zines.

Our mission for this event is primarily to promote literacy using the graphic novel format, reflect on the history of race and gender portrayal in comics and film, and introduce characters, writers and authors who have a different voice than the primarily white, primarily male, primarily straight characters written by generations of comic authors (themselves primarily white, straight, and male). We would also like to empower young writers and artists by introducing them to the collaborative process that is comic creation, and encourage them to produce and submit work of their own for contests at the con.

Pocket Con 2016

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Chicago Cultural Center

78 E. Washington St.


It is not necessary to pre-register for Pocket Con 2016, but please check us out on Facebook.
Artists and authors interested in finding out about participating in Pocket Con 2016 may fill out the Presenter Registration.
Who will be at Pocket Con 2016?  Check out the site!
The convention hosts a “Maker Space” that will give teens a chance to experiment in a variety of media, from laser-cut vinyl stickers, to cardboard and leather mask construction, to 3-D printing.

 See photos from Pocket Con II, a great audio interview from Pocket Con III, or check our our interview with Chew illustrator Rob Guillory.

I’ve never been to a con before.  How does this work?

At most events, there is only one thing happening at a time. At a con (short for convention), there are often several things happening at once. You may wish to learn how to ink comics, or hear a talk about the history of race in cartoons. Each activity will be in its own area. You get to pick what you would like to do, though there may sometimes be limits on how many people can sign up for a specific activity.
There will also be activity and vendor tables in the hall. You may want to leave a little time to go shopping, or to try out some of the short activities at the tables.

How much does it cost?

Pocket Con is completely FREE.  However, some activities/talks may be best suited for teens and adults, and will be noted as such in the program.  We ask that children under 10 be accompanied by an adult.

Do I need to register?

It is not necessary to register for Pocket Con III.  However, please consider friending us on Facebook to stay informed.