Our founder Cypheroftyr is at GX4!  Come check out this panel today in Panels Room B at 2pm PST!

Whether we’re talking about the 100, Ghostbusters, or your favorite video game series, there’s a sense that fandom spaces have become armed camps rather than spaces for discussion. Creators are suddenly backed against a wall feeling as if they must now justify their choices. Is that justification truly necessary? Where does the line exist between listening to one’s audience and caving to their demands? Is there such a thing as a ‘good fan’ and a ‘bad fan,’ and how does one walk that line in order to participate in a healthy conversation with creators about things like representation? Is that even possible anymore?. Get more info here!

Panelists: Crystal Frasier, Donna Prior, Katherine Cross, and Tanya DePass
Moderator: David Gaider