So now that we’re a 501(c)(3), getting support via our Patreon or donations is more important than ever. It’s literally how we’re operating, keeping our blog up, our podcast going and how we can fund initiatives in the future.


What we’re able to do now:

  • Keep Fresh out of Tokens on the air by paying the hosting costs, equipment upgrades and more out of the INDG Patreon
  • Pay some travel costs for conventions
  • Assist others go to conventions
  • Do small sponsorships for conventions
  • Get wee swag for giveaways
  • Pay for our Twitch turbo costs & miscellaneous streaming expenses

What we COULD do if we hit some Patreon goals:

  • Provide travel grants on a regular basis for POC/LGBTQIA and others to go to conventions such as GaymerX, HavenCon, GX Australia, IndieCade East, IndieCade West, and GDC
  • Help pay IGDA fees for students in game dev programs
  • Sponsor events like game jams with a diverse focus
  • Host events in different cities or in conjunction with other gaming events for people who normally wouldn’t be able to go to them
  • Help match Found Loot donations for the month
  • Have a more robust web site at and be able to PAY people for their articles, as well as pay editors for their time
  • Have more presence at conventions than we do now, on our own dime rather than relying mostly on donations
  • Send people to conventions on our behalf since our founding Director can only be in so many places in a year and continue to keep this ship upright
  • Do more live streams, interviews, buy and play games for review, or buy review copies of games for folks to write for us.

How can you help?

Thank you in advance for all you do to help us spread the word and continue to do our work.