Found Loot is an initiative inspired by and modeled after Fund Club (created by Ashe Dryden ofAlterConf and Shanley of Model View Culture) to help fund gaming & gaming related projects by diverse creators. Funding is provided by members who agree to a $50 per month donation directly to the organization or group that we pick each month.

Found Loot is needed among a lot of other initiatives to fund gaming projects, diverse work and creators. There’s a lot of diverse, game related projects that don’t quite fit into a Kick Starter, IndieGoGo or Go Fund Me campaign.

Sometimes creators need a little extra to cross the line from idea to fruition, to make the difference between a prototype and a finished product coming to the masses. What we want to do is help those folks who need that lift to continue their work.

We’re starting off small, asking members to commit to a $50 donation per month for the first year, after that we’ll raise member donations to $75 and in our third year, we’ll go to a $100 per month donation.

Funds will be transferred directly to the recipients via a PayPal donation link they set up once we have chosen them as our pick of the month.

If you are a creator, you can apply for funding via a short Google form.

So, consider joining us on the quest for Found Loot, and helping marginalized voices in our gaming community get a bit of spare coin.

Thank you,

Found Loot

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