Not a lot to report this month. We’re almost in the red financially, even with Patreon and our remains of our January boost from Fund Club. One more convention and we’ll be at $0 and/or in the negative in terms of cost to run things like the podcast, our domains and convention costs for the remaining events we’re planning to attending.

PAX East really put a big hit on our funds as it wasn’t a planned expense and our founder got hit with the full hotel bill after the person she was going to room with wound up being unable to attend + not finding a room mate in time.

Luckily for PAX Prime, we’ve had an offer of crash space and hopefully can buy our airfare soon.

Things are basically critical, our founder is at a burnout point and we need help keeping things running. Your Patreon support is a big part of that so thank you!

We’ve put out a call for help, and have gotten some replies so we’ll be replying to folks by end of the week.

Last big thing that’s good but a bit daunting, is that we’ve been invited to be part of the PAX Prime Diversity Lounge in September. So we’ve gotten some volunteers for that and will be responding by the end of this week.

We’re trying to get more original content up for you but it’s hard with one person running the ship for the most part. Suggestions, requests and thoughts on what else we can do for you as Patrons are greatly appreciated in the comments of this post.

Thank you again, your support means we can keep doing this work.