Interesting thoughts on Widow/Tracer in Overwatch fandom. Awesome to see a F/F ship in games that didn’t have to come from the ether of fandom.



[Author’s Note: In regards to a few messages we’ve received! Blizzard hasn’t released any official statement regarding Widowtracer. This was my interpretation from what has been shown thus far.]

A major studio pretty much just confirmed a queer ship involving two women. Let me repeat that for those of you sitting in the back: a major studio just confirmedqueer ship involving two women. That’s an enormous, thrilling, and unheard of step forward not only for the games industry, but mainstream media at large.

I’m referring to the babes Tracer and Widowmaker of Overwatch fame, of course, who have all but effectively taken the Internet by storm. It’s rare for a ‘femslash’ ship to catch fire like this, though there are many, many reasons for that particular phenomenon. (Mostly thanks to the fact that men are categorically written with more nuanced stories, therefore strictly ‘slash’ ships have traditionally been…

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