Widowtracer: The Queer Ship Breaking All the Rules

Interesting thoughts on Widow/Tracer in Overwatch fandom. Awesome to see a F/F ship in games that didn’t have to come from the ether of fandom.



[Author’s Note: In regards to a few messages we’ve received! Blizzard hasn’t released any official statement regarding Widowtracer. This was my interpretation from what has been shown thus far.]

A major studio pretty much just confirmed a queer ship involving two women. Let me repeat that for those of you sitting in the back: a major studio just confirmedqueer ship involving two women. That’s an enormous, thrilling, and unheard of step forward not only for the games industry, but mainstream media at large.

I’m referring to the babes Tracer and Widowmaker of Overwatch fame, of course, who have all but effectively taken the Internet by storm. It’s rare for a ‘femslash’ ship to catch fire like this, though there are many, many reasons for that particular phenomenon. (Mostly thanks to the fact that men are categorically written with more nuanced stories, therefore strictly ‘slash’ ships have traditionally been…

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Opportunity to volunteer at PAX West for #INeedDiverseGames

Hi! So we've got an opportunity to join the Diversity Lounge at PAX West. But the table has to have someone there during open hours, 10am - 6pm. Seeing as how there's one of mod cypheroftyr, that means we need community help! If you are planning on going to PAX West anyway, and/or could attend … Continue reading Opportunity to volunteer at PAX West for #INeedDiverseGames

Via WaPo -Gen Con, major gaming convention, has more female than male speakers for the first time ever

The Washington Post Gen Con, major gaming convention, has more female than male speakers for the first time ever, making some gamers grumpy By Katie Mettler May 18 at 5:47 AM The Insider slate this year is a testament that change doesn't have to be slow. If people with influence want to make it happen, … Continue reading Via WaPo -Gen Con, major gaming convention, has more female than male speakers for the first time ever

Read Only Memories is still looking for a VA!!

Hey y’all, @Midboss is still seeking a VA for Ramona! Seeking black VA’s for this role. Please read, apply and signal boost! Thank you so much!

I Need Diverse Games

Read Only Memories is still seeking a Voice Actor for Ramona Rogers! Women of Color VA’s strongly encouraged to apply.

Email: rombots+vo@midboss.com by Friday, January 22!

Things that help:

  • VO Demo Reel and/or resume
  • (Required) Audition of the character(s) that interest you using any or all lines provided (in .mp3, .m4a or .ogg format, download links preferred over file attachments)
  • (Required) Information on your recording capabilities (Do you have a home studio? Do we need to rent you studio time?)
  • If you have experience playing Read Only Memories!

Ramona Rogers

PalEqNgAge: 24. Race: Black (American). Gender: Female

Style Desired: Bubbly, highly animated, nerdy, tough.

  • Real-life magical girl
  • Filled with energy and fire
  • Enthusiastic, but sensitive and sentimental
  • The modern, cool otaku with tons of anime knowledge

Bio: A humble Hassy Bar owner by day, cybernetic magical girl by night? Maybe. She’s equipped with a gold cybernetic left arm and right…

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Let’s dissect Uncharted 4 on stream

Today is launch day for Naughty Dog's fourth installment of the Uncharted series. There's been a lot of conversation around it, especially with Nadine (pictured above) the series first black character being voiced by a white VA. Here's Tauriq Moosa's review of UC 4   SPOILERS AHOY IN THE ARTICLE We'll start our stream at 3pm … Continue reading Let’s dissect Uncharted 4 on stream

Re-edited episode of Games Critique as POC, Ep. #3



Original Shownotes:

Our fabulous guests! Katherine Cross, our dapper scholastic games critiquer extraordinaire whose work appears in Feministing and Gamasutra, next we have Tauriq Moosa, who loves the Witcher 3 while giving it a critical side eye, is wicked smart and writes for Polygon, Guardian, Daily Beast, Mary Sue, an and quite a few other places. Last but certainly not least, we have Austin Walker, who recently joined Giant Bomb, congrats on the newish gig! Apologies in advance for some audio issues. Technology turned on us mid-recording so there’s been some editorial finagling done to bring you this episode.


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We’ve got @AlterConf tickets!

We've got two tickets for the next AlterConf event in San Francisco, CA on June 4th! We have two tickets which include admission, lunch and child care (if needed). AlterConf is an amazing day of talks by folks from a wide variety experiences. To claim a ticket, email us at whyineeddiversegames@gmail.com or @ us on … Continue reading We’ve got @AlterConf tickets!

Hyphertext 2016 – Call for Works on Creative track

About Hypertext 2016 The ACM Hypertext conference is a premium venue for high quality peer-reviewed research on hypertext theory, systems and applications. It is concerned with all aspects of modern hypertext research including social media, semantic web, dynamic and computed hypertext and hypermedia as well as narrative systems and applications. The ACM Hypertext 2016 conference … Continue reading Hyphertext 2016 – Call for Works on Creative track