.@Slvrstrng is hiring!

Silverstring is Hiring! We’re looking for a rad new person to join the Silverstring team, to help us provide valuable expertise to our clients, and deliver awesome, experimental projects for our fans. We've worked on amazing and award-winning projects, and want to continue to deliver exceptional artistic and narrative experiences. Silverstring is a queer and … Continue reading .@Slvrstrng is hiring!

TM Spotlight – Simply Undrea

Thumbstick Mafia

ThumbstickMafia is dedicated to supporting and promoting diverse women in gaming – we’re happy to introduce a spotlight to gamers, content creators, streamers, developers and members of the industry.

Today’s Spotlight is on caster Simply Undrea!

In her own words: Simply Undrea is a full-time variety streamer on Twitch.TV from the Bay Area, California. In addition to gaming and getting involved with charities and causes; she is also passionate about the music industry, honing her craft and expanding her creativity.

CPh9zsZVEAAc7mlYou were recently at GDC, tell us a little bit about your experience.
GDC was amazing! My feet absolutely hated me afterward but I had a great time meeting longtime Twitch friends, seeing familiar faces and meeting other professionals in the gaming industry. I got to work as a Brand Ambassador for Survios, a gaming company. They made an active-VR game for the HTC Vive called ‘Raw Data.’

It’s not…

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Support Clique on Kickstarter!

"Clique" is a top-down action adventure game and also a first person adventure game. “Clique” is a dual story told through the perspectives of the young teenage girl and the avatar character within the game she is playing. Players will explore environments, solve puzzles, and defeat enemies to build trust with the world's unwelcoming characters. … Continue reading Support Clique on Kickstarter!

Hypertext 2016 – Call for Creative Track Submissions

The ACM Hypertext conference is a premium venue for high quality peer-reviewed research on hypertext theory, systems and applications. It is concerned with all aspects of modern hypertext research including social media, semantic web, dynamic and computed hypertext and hypermedia as well as narrative systems and applications. The ACM Hypertext 2016 conference will focus on … Continue reading Hypertext 2016 – Call for Creative Track Submissions

Let’s talk about what diversity actually means

So...friends, come on over and pull up a chair we've got a yarn for you this morning. It's about diversity and what calling for representation actually means. First and foremost, advocating for more representation does not mean forcing diversity for the sake of it down consumers, game makers, game players throats. It does not mean … Continue reading Let’s talk about what diversity actually means

Sunday Loot: Amplifying More Diverse Voices in Games

Great stuff in this weeks’s @Femhype Sunday Loot!


Girls Game ShelfGirls Game Shelf

Happy Sunday, friends! We’re delighted you could join us for another round of our weekly series. Over the past year, we’ve been consistently curating a list of all the people and projects in the industry pushing for change. This couldn’t have happened without your help and support along the way, so we’d like to take a moment to thank you for all your efforts. You’re awesome! ❤

If you’re looking to get more involved in the process, though, you’ve come to the right place. We have three opportunities to boost your geek-worthy creativity in the industry and two spaces that you should totally be keeping an eye on. It’s all about promoting more positivity here, and we’ve got that in spades!

As always, if you know of an inclusive gaming space or games project you’d love to see promoted on our Sunday Loot series, drop us a comment below or check out our contact…

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Healing Potion: Self-Care for Female Gamers

Gaming has been a rough spot for many of us this week. So have a reminder from mod Kade Tee about taking some self care in whatever form of a healing potion it comes in for you.


[Art by Ashe] [Art by Ashe] “I bet this was written by a woman.”

I remember my friend and I visiting a Gamestop two years back to check on their preorders. While waiting, I had picked up a Game Informer and flipped to a top ten list of attractive male characters. It’s not very common to read a gaming article that presumes more than a straight male reaction when it comes to sexuality, nor treats that attraction as something purely humorous (“I’d go gay for this guy! Just kidding, no homo.”). When my friend took out her wallet to pay, the two men behind the counter took a glance at what I was holding. The muttered rebuke of one had she and I momentarily speechless.

In hindsight, we really should’ve canceled that preorder.

After a while, each little flick to the proverbial nose starts to feel like a punch to the face. The…

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