Thank you to everyone who came by & hosted our stream of today! Thank you to & for dropping by the chat! We love when devs come in to say hi & answer viewer questions!

We’ve got a couple quick thoughts on while the video uploads.

1) The controls are pretty tight, use a XB 360 controller!

2) The text needs a little editing, clean up for grammar & a few typos, but it conveys what players need to know as they go through game.

3) Biggest nitpick so far is characterization of Erine, Enzo’s wife. She’s literally support for AOE healing but she also is a nag and seems to hinder him rather than actually help him. It plays into a stereotype that is rubbing me the wrong way. We’re hoping this is not how she goes throughout the whole game, if so it will be disappointing to see this trope yet again.

So Kiro’o devs responded to the tweets above!

Don’t be affraid for Erine Evolution, you will luv her just before the end of the 1st forest. we hate “weak women” stereotype

it was on purpose we started with this fragile side, but look at her face when Enzo talk her bad. She is not weak at all.

we will luv your feedback when you will meet the queen of the Bojaas, the strongest woman in our world. Just restarted the Nama tutorial, you must master a little bit more the combo system and the “phylosophy” behind, also don’t hesitate to use your aurionic skill during each combat. The aurion are there to be used. try also to fight in air.
 We’ll wait and see how the rest of the game goes. Right now, we’re at a part with Prince of Persia like jumping skill needed to get to the next area of the game. Our verdict based off a couple hours of play:
Overall, a good first effort from and hoping to see a lot more from them.