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The Changing Scene of eSports and Gambling

This panel will explore whether or not eSports are subject to existing gambling regulations, and will discuss recent legislative steps taken to clarify this issue. Topics to be discussed include: the current legal status of eSports in the United States and abroad, recently proposed eSports regulations, existing gambling regulations as applied to eSports, and the inherent difficulties in regulating evolving technologies.

Jason Greenglass, Robert Morris University
Ryan Morrison, Morrison & Lee LLP
Lydia Picknell, PARADIGM
Marc Whipple, Tech Industry GC
(Moderator) Ross A. Hersemann, Loading Law

Recent Developments in Video Game Law

This panel will explore recent litigation, legislation, and transactions in video game law. Topics to be discussed include: changing copyright fair use standards, the public relations risks of aggressive trademark filing, crowdfunding issues, FTC related advertising issues, and generally, the legal specialization of video game law itself.

S. Gregory Boyd, Frankfurt Kurnit
Ryan Morrison, Morrison & Lee LLP
Patrick Sweeney, IE Law Group
Marc Whipple, Tech Industry GC

Privacy, Harassment, and Free Speech in Virtual Worlds

This panel will address the unique difficulties involved in preventing harassment in video games and social media, while still protecting privacy and free speech. Topics to be discussed include: content regulation for minors and relevant legislation, industry efforts to ensure compliance and safety for all persons, and recent impactful litigation in the field.

Dona Fraser, Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB)
Lydia Picknell, PARADIGM
S. Gregory Boyd, Frankfurt Kurnit
(Moderator) Sarah Sexton, Microsoft

Video Games and the Right of Publicity

This panel will explore the right of publicity and how it has been inconsistently applied to video games. As video game graphics become increasingly realistic and the use of personal likenesses in games becomes more prevalent, the issue of when personal likenesses can be used is a heated debate. Topics to be discussed include: recent litigation and an overview of seminal cases in the field.

Frank Goldberg, Zynga Inc.
Gilbert Lee, Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP
Frederick J. Sperling, Schiff Hardin LLP
(Moderator) William K. Ford, The John Marshall Law School

The History of the Video Game Industry in Chicago

This panel will highlight how the city of Chicago has been a hub for the video game industry since its very inception. Topics to be discussed include: Chicago-made games from past and present, the rise, fall, and resurgence of the city’s arcade scene, and Chicago’s enduring and evolving status as a platform for video game development.

Brian Colin, Game Refuge, Inc
Jeff Lee, D. Gottlieb and Company
Martin Goldberg, Video Game Historian
Josh Tsui, Robomodo
(Moderator) Doc Mack, Galloping Ghost Arcade

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The Chicago Video Game Law Summit is Chicago’s premiere video game law related event. It is a day of academic panels devoted to the nuanced way video games require unique legal protections from a myriad of diverse legal disciplines. Game developers, industry representatives, legal experts, and many other professionals will explore, explain, and debate the latest issues in video game law.


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The law is always a step behind technology. In particular, the legal profession has expressed extreme difficulty in addressing the technical and expressive qualities present in video games. Video games are subtly complex by their very nature, and do not seem to fit completely into any singular field of law. The fields of copyright, trademark, patent, constitutional, and business law have all been applied to video games in…

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